Busy Day and RV spot update

I had a list of things to get done today; empty waste tanks on the RV and fill LP tank on the RV, go to Wally World and get my prescription and to Lowe’s for some Reflectex to insulate the RV cabinets.

Seeing as the rig has been sitting for a couple of weeks it took a while to get most of the “stuff” put away and secured for travel. As usual there is always something that I forget and it coming loose, this time the new fire extinguisher came of its mount and fell-scared the crap out of me when it hit the floor. Then when I went around a corner the freezer door came open and dumped some stuff on the floor (I had forgotten to secure the door with bungee cords).

I dumped the waste tanks at the Pima Fair Grounds that only cost $5.00, vs $10.00 at a private park. The Pima Fair Grounds is a busy place just a week ago there was horse jumping event going on and this week there is a quarter horse show going on and the County Fair is next month and the exhibitors have started to arrive and the Carnival trucks are coming in and getting ready to set up for the Fair. The Fair Grounds will be hopping for a few weeks with all that going on.

I then drove to a private park to fill the LP tank and they charged a premium for the convenience of having them fill my tank, $3.05 a gallon total cost $30.00, I could have saved about $4.00 if I drove to the truck stop but would have used more than that in fuel to get there and back so I guess the “convenience” was worth it.

The RV spot hasn’t has been on hold till this weekend when my son can get the time to work on the water line and then we can fill in the ditch. The electric line is in and if the electrician shows up and changes out the circuit breakers to thirty amps then the electric outlets will be usable. I was surprised at the cost of the electrical wire $275.00, for 200 feet and that didn’t include the cost of the outlet boxes and conduit, then there is the labor which hasn’t been revealed yet. The whole shebang should cost about $800.00 more or less as they say, sure is putting a dent in my checking account, but I’ll have a place to stay when I come back to Tucson and won’t overload the electric circuits and I won’t be parked in front of the ‘folks’ bedroom window, which I am sure will be a relief to them too. So let’s hope the electrician comes, as he said, Sunday, and gets the right sized breaker installed in the breaker box. The sad thing is I will be leaving soon.

There has been an offer on the Texas property and we have accepted the offer, it sold lock stock and barrel as they say which saves a lot of work selling and or moving furniture and fixtures all we have to do is move out our personal stuff. We didn’t break even on the deal but we didn’t loose our shirts as the saying goes. Not having to come up with the mortgage and utilities every month as well as the all the other expenses that go with owning a house and land will be a relief. So back to Texas in few days to clean up the loose ends there and hopefully sign over the property and move on.

Now what to do with my Ford van ? Sell it ? Tow it ? What ? I could tow it, but that wouldn’t be economical, I would have to buy a tow dolly too.  I could sell it, but would it sell before the house papers are passed? There is always something !

Oh! I almost forgot; I went to Wally World to pick up my prescription and when the clerk told me the price $121.00, I asked him what medication it was for and he said lipitor, which I take, but hadn’t ordered, however the medication I had asked for wasn’t there and I had asked for it four or five days ago. So there was a scramble to get that medication order straightened out. Seems the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Oddly enough they were able to transfer my prescription from Texas in record time vs what I was told four or five days ago, hmmm makes one wonder. I think that Walmart Pharmacy is overloaded with work and they are letting things fall through the cracks. Twice they gave me the wrong prescription in Texas at least they haven’t done that here yet, but I have to keep alert as to what medication they are giving to me before I pay for it or I could be in trouble not having enough of the medication I need and having to scramble to get it.