Spring? In Texas?

The back pasture

Our barn

The front gate
We got blessed with snow last night and this morning. It looks cold and is cold out there. The dogs went out and had their pee and wanted right back in, they’re no fools better to spend the day in their doggie beds than getting their paws wet and cold.
Looking forward to next week it should be in the sixties, it is hard to believe that it will be that warm in just a few days.
I would rather be camped on the beach in Mexico, walking the dogs along the shore listening to the waves and birds than shivering at my door looking at this stuff.
I went out to check on the RV and noticed that one of the vent covers was wide open and flapping in the wind…. CRAP! I went inside to figure out why it was flapping away and found that the arm that extends the vent cover was off the guide. I found some wire to poke through the screen to catch the vent cover only to find that the vent cover its self had moved and wasn’t aligned with the vent so it wouldn’t shut. This caused a dilemma I don’t care for heights and when I climbed up the ladder and looked at the ice and snow on the roof I chickened out and climbed back down. Now what do I do ? I figured that I could get the screen off from the inside I could reach up and adjust and close the vent cover. No such luck, no screw heads inside. Damn ! So I figured I better get this flapping cover under control quick or it is going to break and then I am in a pickle; if it breaks I am left with a hole for rain and snow to get in and heat to get out. I bravely cut the screen and got the cover wiggled back into alignment and closed. I got the arm attached and for safety sake wired it shut. Now I have a project to get the screen replaced or repaired.
Another job is to figure out the hot water heater I tried turning it on but I smelled gas and turned it off. I think the pilot light is out. The water heater is supposed to work on electric also
but when I turn it on to what I think is electric the function light goes out and then in a few seconds comes back on so I shut the darn thing off. I’ll work on that problem later, to darn cold and windy outside to try and fix this now. Like the old lady in the shoe said “If it isn’t one darn thing it’s another”. 🙂