Well it has been a while since I have made a blog entry. Since last blog we tried going to Glacier National Park, but the weather didn’t look good and the forecast was for it to get worse so we turned around and headed back to Wyoming to escape the cold and rain with its high winds that makes driving a high profile vehicle rather challanging. While in Wyoming we stopped at a small town looking to use our Passport America card to save money and could only stay one night as the town was unveiling a statue of a hometown hero that had been a Champion Rodeo Cowboy. There was a town park we could have stayed at, but I wanted to move on.

We headed to Utah and camped at a rest area we camped at before last year when we made a trip to Idaho. Then we crossed Utah. I tell you I-80 is either up and down or flat as an ironing board. Once we passed Salt Lake City the highway was flat and boring it wasn’t that far to Nevada, but it seemed to take forever to get there. We dry camped at a Casino parking lot. We went over to the Casino to have dinner but their prices for the buffet was out our comfort zone. Se we had dinner at Mikky’s and got on the road first thing in the morning. A lot of Nevada I-80 is boring. We stopped for the nigh at a small Casino that was hard to find with a slopping parking lot that I couldn’t get the RV level using all my blocks under the wheels. Quiet night though.
We then drove on to California the gas prices where out of sight the scenery was beautiful Moutn Shasta is gorgous when the sun shines on it. The national forest is so green and inviting after driving in the desert. We drove on to Washington and dry camped at a rest area for the night. In the morning we headed out and on the way stoped for breakfast at a restarant and shared a breakfast platter it was so big.

We are now camped at an RV Park that is part of our Club we belong to. This park is a Co-op park so all the residents own the park and run it themselves. There is a five and a half year waiting list to buy in to the park. They rent spaces also, so we have a space for two nights and will head out tomorrow for Washington State to visit another park in the SKP park system.