Washington is a nice place we explored Port Townsend and had a great time even though it rained off and on all the time we were there. Great food and excellent coffee, you know how I like my coffee and how disappointed I have been in the coffee on the road. A lot of folks don’t know how to make coffee worth a damn anymore nore do they know how to clean a coffee pot. What’s more they don’t care and act surprised when someone complains about the taste of their coffee. Not in Washington they like their coffee and have the good stuff.

I loved seeing the boats on the water and it brought up longing for another boat. I even started looking at boats for sale ads. It’s tough when your nautically infected your not happy unless your on a boat with wind and saltwater in your face braced at an angle splashing over the waves. Gads! I miss sailing.

The SKP park there, Evergreen Coho SKP Park, didn’t light my fire. The park is a co-op park which means they own their lots and run the place themselves. This place was typical; they like the income from casual visitors, but don’t go out of their way to make you feel welcome or improve the facilities for the casual visitor; like no showers, no cable TV, no tables or fire rings but you do get three pages of rules for free 😦 Yup makes feel as welcome as a hair in a biscuit. Also the attitude of the owners towards visiters is rather odd-cold, chilly, distant, don’t want to be bothered… well I won’t bother them.

We spent our last night in Port Townsend instead of at the park even though I had paid for the night at the park. We enjoyed the town park there and so did our dogs and it all was for free and folks we met where happy to see us and our dogs.