Getting ready to go north

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle o...

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle on tract of land he later developed into Layton’s Cottage, Trailer, and Fishing Park: Riviera Beach, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

I am preparing to take the RV and Tracker north. I need to get a check-up with my doctors it has been almost a year and I am feeling fatigued; it could be my medication, diet, heart health or combination, then again it could be something else entirely. But it is time to find out the cause.

I have been getting the RV ready I had the cooling system flushed and a leak from the transmission looked after. I also had the connection for the tow vehicle installed and the tow vehicle had to be rewired to match the RV so the turn signals worked correctly. I have also gotten some experience hitching up my tow vehicle. Another thing that gives me concern is that I cannot see the tow vehicle when we are driving straight unless it casts a shadow on the road and that needs the sun in the right spot to see a shadow. Next is to re-load the RV with my stuff and some supplies to last a few days then contract with a gardener to take care of my plants and trees then hit the road north.

The one more concern is the road north to Mexicali and the border is under construction and a large portion is a gravel by-pass road that can be rough in spots. I worry  about my tires on the makeshift road. Also this is monsoon season and a rain storm can turn the makeshift road to a mud torture test in an instant. I will make my decision to use the highway with the by-pass road or take the cross peninsular road to Ensenada and then to the Tecate border crossing. From what I hear the Tecate crossing can be a long wait at times-up to five hours. Not a pleasant thought on a hot day!

Mothership and the shuttle vehicle ready for the trip to the border

I already have my appointments made at the two doctors offices so I feel committed to the plan now. Organization is the key word what to take, what to leave and a shopping list. There are some things I want to bring back for the house when I return.


Up date since the storm

This is the back end of the rig, 29′ in good shape (I hope) and
it has twin bunks with real mattresses so we should sleep well,
fridge is bigger than the 5rs, 38k miles barely used.

Looks like my dog Shelby is ready to hit the road, this time
she wants to drive. Silly girl she hasn’t a license …. yet 🙂

Notice the silly grin on the old girl just the thought of hitting the road again
brings joy.

A lot has happened since the last entry to this blog. To make a long story short we decided to buy another sticks and bricks place and went shopping for it. We ended up buying a place just outside Dallas about forty miles or so. The place is ten acres fenced and cross fenced with a double wide mobile home sheds and a barn.

Since being here I have learned this was a mistake for me. I am a Gypsy at heart. I made several visits to Mexico since buying this place. The last visit I spent three months there in Mexico renting a lovely two bedroom house. I was about forty-five minutes from a beach town and loved taking my dogs for walks on the beach. The cost of living was very reasonable and I enjoy Mexico.

So what was my problem? Two things one I am on some medications for heart disease that are not available in Mexico yet and getting the medications to me in Mexico was complicated and expensive also uncertain, without these medications I could have some medical problems. The second problem was I felt …. trapped, I wanted to be on the road again, I felt like I had to get moving / traveling. Once Samantha, my sister arrived and we packed up and got on the road I calmed down and felt better. Once back in Texas and before I got home I went to an RV broker where I had an RV consigned for sale and traded it for another RV. I didn’t care for some of the tactics used by the dealer, it was the same crap used car dealers pull to make a sale. I had to return later to close on the RV and drive it back to the ranchito. Fortunately, it works fairly well and even though there is a loose cable on the starting battery that gives a problem now and then, but that can be fixed. I am anxious to take the rig out for a real shakedown trip to check that all systems work well.

Now I am planning to take some trips and my time is consumed by researching the net for places to go and things to see. This time I don’t want to spend a lot of time in RV parks. RV parks have to many rules and rule Nazis. Seems I attract rule Nazis. If there is an asshole within a mile of me he or she will find me and make me a target. My reaction is one of trying to obey the rules while seething inside knowing that the same Nazi breaks rules and gets away with it. My goal this time to limit my contact with the rule Nazis, the only I think I can do this is to boondock frequently. If boondocking doesn’t work I will buy a piece of land to hide out on so I can be the resident rule Nazi. I also hope to travel by RV to Mexico and enjoy the beaches on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Time will tell if all this comes true.

This is the plan spend winter in Mexico in the RV at the beach and summers traveling where the weather is cooler and feeding my need to roam. Jeez sounds like a hobo or something…. what the hell why not?