Repairs update

I took the rig back to the repair shop the other day to have the heating element for the water heater replaced. Ya know sometimes fate moves in strange ways. The young man was taking the gas heating element off to get to the electric heating element and I was watching him and said to myself “damn I could have done that my self and saved a bunch of money” . I watched him install the new element and reassemble the unit. He asked me to go inside and try out the electric element I did and it worked and then (thank goodness) he said try the gas element…… all of sudden I hear yelling to turn it off ! Turn it off !!! Seem flames were shooting out of the unit and almost burned the guy. Several times he thought he had it fixed but still it flamed it wasn’t till he moved one of his tools on the ground that he found a piece that hadn’t been installed in the end of the gas line that restricts the gas flow that was the problem, once it was back in place the gas operation worked normally. I then thought to myself if I had done that I would have burned the rig to the ground-thank goodness I DID SPEND THE MONEY AND HAVE A TECH DO THE JOB! I felt I missed the bullet on that one in several ways. One if I did it I wouldn’t have seen the flames till it was to late, and even if I had done it myself would I have even known what the little device was for or where it went?

After paying the bill we went to a near by town Mabank TX and stopped at a local restaurant called the Victorian Lady’s Tea Room and had a lovely lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich that was delicious and Samantha had a crab salad that was just as good. Then we drove on to Canton TX and did some shopping at Wally World the parking lot wasn’t full but the store was busy. Samantha has bought her own rig and is fitting it out so there is a lot of stuff for her to buy and of course I just had to get something for my rig.

I have been looking into the possibility of pulling up the old carpet in my rig and putting down some sort of smooth flooring, either pergo or some sort of tile. I think it would be easier to clean and look better then carpet. carpet in a rig just doesn’t get clean after a while no matter what you use to clean it, IMO.