No Brake Job today

I took the RV in to the mechanic shop this morning but the mechanic that fixes brakes is still in the hospital and they guys at the shop don’t know when he will be back, he is in the hospital with an infection. So, I think I’ll look for another source to fix the RV.
While in town I got the Rig inspected, seeing as we are a rural community the emissions test wasn’t necessary. I also got new wiper blades put on while there. Those blades wear out fast. Baby has her new inspection sticker so she’s legal now.

I looked on line and found an RV repair shop that was not attached to a big sales outfit and I went and had a look at the place. They had some very expensive looking rigs they were working on, but were friendly and we talked about the work my rig needed and they seemed positive about getting things done. I’ll be taking the rig there to get the brakes looked after, the generator serviced, the furnace repaired, and a couple of other little things checked. So I’ll be a light in the purse when they are through fixing “HER” up.

I went by Home Depot today and got blinds cut to fit the RV, Wally World doesn’t do that sort of thing. While there I was talking with the lady waiting on me and she told me that I could use my Military ID and get 10 percent of my purchase, all these years I never knew this about Home Depot. I guess I didn’t get the memo 😦

One of the less intelligent things I have done lately is leave my cell phone in my jeans and wash the jeans …… Good Bye Phone,
Hello New Phone…..sigh :/