Cleaning out the closet

Today I started sorting out my clothes closet and donating some clothes to charity. I have been carrying around clothes I don’t wear or don’t fit and it is time to reduce the amount of unused clothes. As a part time RV’r and part time resident of Baja MX I don’t wear a lot of fancy clothes. I just don’t have the opportunity to get dressed up. Even after this culling of the clothes closet I still have stuff I seldom wear. I just don’t have the nerve to let the clothes go. Isn’t that weird ? I suppose some Psychologist would have fun with my inability to let go of certain clothes. Nah, to mundane.

I still have cowboy (girl?) boots, so when am I going to need them ? I don’t know. I have fishing gear I bought and never used. I would like to go fishing again, but will I ? I don’t know. Then there are books and tapes/CDS on spanish …. oye!

How can a boring person like me gather so much stuff ? Sigh…..

I am getting a little bored here but it is so cold anywhere else there is no point in leaving. I hate the cold and it is so cold up north I wouldn’t have anything to do with it.


Winter in San Felipe

It has been cold for days and it will continue for a few more days making it uncomfortable Β for everyone. It is unheard of to have central heating here and the locals use space heaters if they are lucky. I am merely uncomfortable, the locals, suffer.

I am surprised at how cold it feels here, perhaps it is the humidity and of course the wind. Still this far south of San Diego and it is in the forties that is just wrong! I thought it would be more pleasant than this at least during the day; once again I’m wrong.

Today was laundry day and once I was glad of it as the Laundromat was warmer than outside and waiting for my clothes to finnish I was at least temporarily warm so much so I had to take my jacket off.

Hopefully the weather will turn for the better in a few days and I can quit whining πŸ™‚

First night in San Felipe

I went to bed and woke up in the night hearing the waves on the beach and seeing the flash of the lighthouse. The waves were coming ashore just 5 or 6 meters away from the rig. The sky was clear and the lights on the fishing boats were bright ….beautiful !

Report on the trip south to San Felipe

First thing first; sorry to report no banditos, no gun fire, no threats no real danger just a ho-hum drive through a Mexican city and countryside. Gee I was beginning to look forward to some excitement and as usual “Nadda”.

I left the “Slabs” at Niland Ca. 9am this morning after having coffee at the morning campfire with the other campers. I got lots of well wishes and be careful from lots of folks. All this careful stuff was beginning to pray on my mind. I got to Calexico and stopped at Walmart for some water and some other nonsense then topped of the fuel tank I didn’t want to chance not being able to fill up in a gas station in Mexicali due to my rig’s size. I then proceeded to find the crossing into Mexico and true to my alternate moniker Wrong Way Kay I got turned around and had to back track and toke the correct turn. I finally crossed into Mexico and got into the wrong lane where one of their dog handlers searched my vehicle and then guided me into the correct lane. Another official checked my rig again and I asked him where to get my tourist visa and he pointed out the obvious sign that said Immigration in spanish (Duh).

I was concerned about leaving my rig parked in the inspection lane, but proceeded into the immigration office and no one said a thing, I forgot in Mexico this is common to take up space and not worry about holding others up. The man making out the tourist visas was nice and we got through the process okay then I had to go to the bank to pay for the visa. The bank teller told me that the system was down and another official called the first official and told him what was up and the original official gave me the visa he then when I got to his office he told me to pay for it in San Felipe at any bank. So what could have been a problem was no problem at all πŸ™‚

I asked for directions to San Felipe and I thought I had then down but as I drove along I got this feeling things weren’t right so at a stop light I opened my window and asked a driver next to me how to get to San Felipe and he told me to take the right, right there which was interesting as I was in the middle lane! So I had to hold up traffic till the right lane cleared and I was sure the folks honking were cheering me along. I drove and drove and drove and asked twice more and the response was the same just go straight ahead. Eventually I spotted the sign for San Felipe and breathed a sigh of relief.

The trip was mostly boring except for a version of the road where one has to leave the road and take a detour along the side of the highway on a makeshift gravel road where the entrance to this gravel road was steep and the entrance back onto the highway was steeper yet. I just gunned the old bus and we shot up the embankment and with lots of clattering and banging of stuff in the rig we rock and rolled onto the highway.

There after the road was a two lane highway sometimes with no center stripe or markers on the side of the roadway. I was sure glad I wasn’t driving at night. I wouldn’t do that except under the most dire circumstances as that is just to dangerous in Mexico. About 60 kilometers outside of San Felipe I came to a military check point and the soldiers checked the inside of my rig, they were polite and were amused to find my cat hiding in my shirt closet-no word from the cat how she felt about being petted by a Mexican soldier-she likes men anyway πŸ˜€

I made it to San Felipe about 4pm; I am a slow driver, but I don’t like going fast on strange narrow highways were people pass where ever they like. When I got to the center of town and asked where Kiki’s RV park was I got told they didn’t know of it and one thought it was closed, but a restaurant guy gave me good directions and I found it. I am parked with my rig’s rear on a pad over a beach. I can see the fishing boats from my rig even in the dark as they have their work lights on. Full hookups free wifi on the beach one kilometer from town with an elevated patio $34O a month. I’ll try it at the weekly rate for a week and see if I like it here and then I may pay for a month. The wifi is fast so that makes me happy I have Canadians for neighbors and the seem okay. So, so far so good.

My first impression of the town is “where are the people?” it seems like there are few people here, perhaps the season hasn’t started yet. I’ll check it out and tell you when I post next, also photos πŸ™‚


Somedays things go as planned and then other days … well they could go better. I have had problems with getting on line off and on for a couple of days sometimes the connection would start and then the signal would get dropped, same with the cell phone. Then again I am lucky it works at all considering I am out in the desert where the cell towers are not numerous. So I didn’t get to call my kids and wish them a happy birthday I hope they understand. I did send them a birthday card the old fashioned way-by snail mail. I hope they got their cards.

I have made preparations to travel to San Felipe Mexico and even that was a hassle as the map and book I ordered was delayed in getting her from Amazon because of a problem with the air carrier. Amazon credited my account for the extra money I gave them for next day air so that was nice of them and I did get the book and map late this afternoon. I thought I might have to wing it on my own driving down to San Felipe. Now I have a map that may or may not be of help in my getting there.

I have had several people tell me that they wish me well and hope I will be alright traveling by myself in Mexico. This has happened so many times now I am beginning to wonder myself about this trip. I have driven before into Mexico and yes there is a risk, there are risks to anything you do and this trip is to a usually benign place, or so I am led to believe. This will be the first time that I am driving an RV into Mexico. My RV isn’t huge but it isn’t small either it is 28′ long. I know other folks have driven bigger rigs down the same road so I should be okay. I just hope that getting through Mexicali the first city across the border isn’t too confusing and I get on highway 5, easily. Sometimes the signage in Mexican towns and cities can be confusing or nonexistent.

It will be a few days before I can write again and tell about my trip so it may take a while to find a Wifi hot spot to update this blog.

I’ll have coffee with the early birds at the morning campfire then fire up the motor and head to Calexico and on to San Felipe Mexico πŸ˜€ Wish me luck!

New Plan

Those that know me know I change my mind often. So after thinking about it I decided to wait on going to San Miguel and concentrate on going to someplace I haven’t been and that I could go in my RV. My first choice would be the Baja. I have heard that RV’rs love going there and there is a lot of beach to walk the dogs and lots of seafood to enjoy. Sounds like a good idea anybody been there? My only concern is getting past the border areas safely seems all border areas are dangerous these days.