East on I-40 through Texas to OK.

We headed east on I-40 from Tucomcari, after we got into OK we started seeing signs for a Route 66 museum so when we got to the exit we decided to visit the museum. It had a small Route 66 section and it was done well; however the museum was actually about the local area history and all the rest of the buildings were about local folks who were well known or had settled the area. So the National Route 66 Museum isn’t so much RT 66 as local history.

We left there and proceeded to find the Starlight Casino that took some doing as it is not on or near I-40 but in a small community several miles away. This casino was nice as we got free hookups and we got a $10 voucher for joining the players club and we had a good meal in the dinning room. It helped that I won tickets to a concert and Samantha won some money at the slot machines.

That night we had a storm come in and it rocked the old RV back and forth a few times making the big dog nervous and waking us up to the wind and rain. The following morning was clear and we headed to Dallas and home via I-35. Driving through Dallas as always is a nerve wracking event, but we made it home without further incident.