I get lucky, no not that kind …sheesh

We spent seven days at French Creek RV Park in Custer SD. I liked the town very much real small and one can walk from one end to the other on the main street. It doesn’t take long for folks to get to recognize you even with the short time we were there. The reason for the seven days is we were tired and needed a rest from being on the road, time to catch up on rest and laundry shopping etc.

The manager was very nice he and his wife held a pot luck BBQ and asked everyone to bring something and they provided the meat and potatoes. His french fries are delicious and with all the dishes there to sample no one went hungry. We brought two pies one apple and the other peanut butter, I like them both and had my share.
One day I realized that I had run out of one of my medications and told the manager I would have to leave early so I could get my prescription filled and then later he said he and his wife were going to Rapid City and they would pick up my prescription for me. Gee that was nice of them.

We left on the 9th and went to Rapid City to shop at Wal-mart on the way there I had a fender bender with a car as we made a left hand turn. I heard the vehicle as we collided and we pulled into a parking lot and I feared the worst. When we all looked at the vehicles the car was an older car with lots of rust and dings the lady said she wasn’t hurt and the car was fine couldn’t tell where it was hit and she wanted to leave no questions asked. The RV sustained a few scratches and a broken turn signal lens that’s it. So now to find a new turn signal lens for an old RV … good luck on that…I guess I got lucky colliding with someone who didn’t care.

We found our destination in Bowman North Dakota; Bowman-Haley Recreation Area a small lake formed by an Army Corps of Engineers Dam. We have a site with a view of the lake with electric for $10 a nite not much else here; there is a restaurant sort of and a ramp for boats and camp sites that’s it. Good enough for a couple of nights, way out of town.

On to Montana tomorrow!