Went to Mesa Verde today

One of the views from the top

The road going looking down

Nice brunch today at the Casino then a trip to town for information about what to see in the area. The suggestion from the folks at the tourist information place was to see Mesa Verde. We went shopping at Wal-Mart first and then went on the hunt for the National Park called Mesa Verde.

The park entrance is off Rt. 160 about 15 miles outside of town then the fun begins the road is up all the way with hairpin turns to make switch backs to climb the mountains to the top. The road even has a tunnel an unlit tunnel and coming to the dark after bright sunlight it is very dark. Fortunately it is a short tunnel and one can see the end from the beginning and it is tall enough for RVs. There are portions of the road without guard rails and the drop off of the roadway is very impressive one would go miles before coming to a complete stop in some areas.

The view from the top and on the way to the top is impressive. If one has the stamina the walking tour of the archaeological sites is equally impressive.

This was our lucky day we didn’t drop off, we didn’t have to pay a fee to enter and this was the first day the information center was open. Great day!