New tires

I bit the bullet and bought new tires for the rig. It was hard parting with all that money, but it had to be done as the tires on the old bus where past due for changing out. The tire men doing the heavy work at Jack Furrier’s Tire Center in Tucson showed me where the crack on one tire had made it all around the rim and on an other tire it was almost halfway around the rim. Those tires were ready to blow and cause me a lot of trouble, trouble I don’t need right now. I feel relieved that the tires I am riding on are new and should not blow anytime soon.

Shelby being cool

Now my mind has two issues my dog and her problems and getting back to Mexico and my home. Tomorrow evening I and Shelby have an appointment with the Vet most likely the last appointment for Shelby.

Now I am turning my attention to my return to San Felipe Mexico. The immigration Law has changed in Mexico and the way the law will be enforced is still a bit murky, but it looks like one can become a permanent resident easier now unless the information I have read is not correct. I sure hope it is correct as I would like to become a permanent resident of Mexico and learn Spanish at a high level which will take a great effort and a lot of time. I have little else to do with my time so I have to dedicated myself to that task.


End of day two Housesitting

Spanish TV show ¿Donde estás corazón.

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Today I mowed the grass around the patio and watered a few plants, swept up some debris from the trees, fed the pets and talked to them (they weren’t impressed), later I took a dip in their pool and it did help cool me off as it was over a hundred degrees here today.

Later I studied my spanish language course and true to form I can understand more when there is something written than by listening without the script on the screen. I need more real life practice to improve my listening comprehension. I tried watching spanish language programs today on TV but the dialogue was to fast and to sophisticated for me to follow accurately, the programs were comedies and that is very hard to follow a student of a language as many idioms are used and the speed of speech is rapid.

So, everything is still alive and nothing looks in distress so another successful day of housesitting 🙂

Still here

I know I haven’t posted in a long while and I feel guilty about that, but the deal fell through on selling the ranchito and I gave up waiting around to find a seller and left it in my real-estate agent’s hands and hit the road. I am now in Idaho visiting family and having a wonderful time.

I have been studying Spanish and still it goes slowly when you don’t have a teacher present to keep you on track and challenged and not being able to converse with Spanish speakers daily is a hindrance. From past experience I know that once I get into usage Spanish, even my limited version, I will improve once I am using it daily. To that end I plan to start using Spanish more in my daily life; listening to Spanish radio, TV and novelas.

I am thinking of returning to Mexico this idea has been swirling around my brain for weeks now and it is getting more and more intense as time goes on. What is it about Mexico that I like so much ? Why does Mexico pull at me like a magnet ? Something to think about. I keep looking at the real-estate ads for Merida and remember all the cute little old houses there in Centro and how things looked and all the places to visit and what the sounds are like there. If you can’t stand noise don’t go to Mexico there is plenty of noise all kinds of noise; fireworks, dogs, traffic, car/truck horns, music, construction noises, loud talking/yelling, animal noises the whole enchilada. I miss it.

My health has been good lately, knock on wood, no pain no discomfort not fatigue life has been good; I hope it stays that way….

Re-learning Spanish

I purchased a Spanish course called Fluenz over the internet. It arrived in a classy red box and I immediatly set to the task of re-learning Spanish. I have taken Spanish courses before in San Miguel at the Warren Hardy School, I got to level three with some great effort. I used my Spanish while in Merida Yucatan and it was no where near perfect but good enough to go shopping get a cell phone, rent a house, buy furniture, and talk on a basic level with a mechanic fixing my car. I stumbled around quite a bit, but in the end usually got through okay. I want to do better than that, I want to be high functional as they say. So that is why I am taking this course.

The first level Fluenz Spanish is a quick review of the basics and it is going well from my point of view, the real test of the course is when I get into the parts of the language I am weak in and or don’t know. Then we will see how well the course works for me. So far I am satisfied with the course, there are a few little bits that are annoying, but so are some teachers and tutors. When I get back to SMA I will hire a tutor to drill me on my pronunciation, and reduce my accent. Hopefully I won’t be a bumbling gringa who needs help from english speaking Mexicans to often.