Got Goodies For my Rig

I went shopping today at Camper’s World in Denton Tx and had a great time spending money on my Rig. I found the staff there most helpful and friendly. That is note worthy because it hasn’t always been so in other Camper’s Worlds that I have shopped at. I also found some things cheaper this year than last year-that is not to say that everything was cheaper just a few things were cheaper. Anyhow I came away a happy camper and that is what matters. It was a long trip there and back we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch and had a lovely lunch. I looked over their store of goodies and didn’t buy a thing which is amazing in its self 🙂

So tomorrow I go for an eye check up at Key-Whitman Eye Center in Dallas (another lunch out!) another trip into Dallas traffic two in one week Arrrrg :(, I don’t like big city traffic to many nut cases out there taking their life and yours into their crazy hands…..
I don’t expect any problems with the eye check up things seem to be okay to me.

The following day I will be working on the RV getting things put away and set up the way I like it for the next trip.This past weekend I vacuumed the rig real good and shampooed the rug and got the rear view camera to work I am looking forward to being on the road again. Yahoo!!! On The Road Again To Places I have Never Been!!!!! Yippeee!

I have noticed, my chagrin, that a lot of bloggers use My RV Adventures for their blog title. Gee i thought I was being original…
HA! I am thinking of starting a blog on another platform WordPress so I have to come up with a new title for my new blog. I wonder what it will be? Kay’s Caravan ? Julia’s Journeys ? Wandering Wanda ? Lost Lilly? Dear me this is going to be another mind twister….eheh