Lake Livingston State Park

Samantha returned from her ship and we have plans to visit the Tyler Texas State Park so we went to the local State Park here in Livingston and got our annual pass and a look at the park.

The pass cost us $75, for the both of us plus we bought a book about Texas State Parks so we will be better able to make choices of parks to visit. We took a drive around the park and checked out the campsites and the store. At the store there was a tower made of logs that gave a good view of the park and Samantha went up to the top of it to take some pictures, while at the top of the tower we experienced a very local rain shower. The shower made the log steps slippery and Samantha slipped on the steps and fell hard hitting her elbow and back, she was hurting for days and still has a big bruise on her back from the fall.

We have discussed where we would go when our time is up at Tyler State Park at first we thought about visiting Louisiana, but have changed our mind and now plan to head North to Idaho.

So our next post will be when we are in Tyler State Park.