On the road again !

Left son’s home and headed to Phoenix AZ to visit a friend who is recovering from a broken hip. She is doing well as can be expected and is as feisty as ever … a very good sign.

After the visit traveled north on I-17 to Camp Verde. Couldn’t find the RV place listed in Passport America’s book, third time that has happened. Seems the information in that book is either out of date inaccurate or incomplete. Getting a little ticked that I haven’t been able to use it yet. Went down the road looking for an RV camp and found one called Zane Grey. They seemed reluctant to take us with pets, but quoted a price of $37.00 a night that was after the ten percent discount. Errrr, I balked at that offer I was only staying one night and they didn’t have any amenities there I would use like a nice restaurant or something, just dirt lots no pads or something to make it worth that much. Soooo we went back up the road and stayed at the Casino for Nadda, zip, nothing and had dinner there. The Casino has a nice shuttle service from the RV lot to the front door of the casino and the dinning room was nice, service excellent and the food was ample and good. I think we made a good choice. Note; the RV parking area is very well lit at night, shades are a good idea.

In the morning we packed up and drove to Flagstaff. I was looking for an RV dump site and didn’t find a public one and couldn’t find the Tourist office although there was one sign coming into town for a Tourist Office. There is a lot of that where a sign is put up and no other signs are posted to help find the place. The local RV parks charged outrageous prices to dump one wanted $15 and the other $10. I would have waited if I could but the smell was getting to me so I paid the $10… just about killed me to do it but sometimes you gotta take care of business. Fuel price was $2.99 for unleaded all over town, I guess they are getting ready for tourist season.

Left Flagstaff on the I-40 and followed it to Gallop NM and followed 610 north to CO. Where we are staying at the Ute Casino RV park. Note: lots not level. Seems like they have a nice operation here and have a fuel station like a truck stop, RV park, restaurant, convenience store, motel and of course the casino. It is a good thing too, the drive from Gallop NM to here is scenic but there ain’t noth’n but a few maybe two or three small gas stations and that is it until Ship Rock NM, then more scenic mountain desert and blowing sand until you get here at the Casino.
The price of a space with electric and water with an Old Fart’s discount is $20 not great but reasonable.