Tyler State Park Texas

Our dogs Shelby the Lab and Spencer the Shitzu

Our camper at night

Julie AKA Granny Kay


Petty’s more than Steak & Catfish great breakfasts.

View from our site

Granny Kay drowning bait.

Wonderful pets waiting for the fisher folk to catch something

Granny loading little itty bitty hook to feed the fish

Samantha inflating Kayak

Last check befor launch

Off she goes; is that a leak?

We left the Escapees Park in Livingston Texas and drove to Tyler Texas this drive gave us a better understanding of East Texas. About three quarters of the way to the park the air conditioner stopped cooling and we had to drive in the heat with windows open and between the wind and heat we got dehydrated, by the time we arrived at the State Park we were tired. We got parked fine and turned the air conditioner on in the trailer and while the trailer was cooling off we took the dogs for a walk and upon returning to the trailer we enjoyed a nice cool rest.

We checked out the park store and the day use areas and inquired about renting a kayak and or canoe. We also check the prices for fishing gear. We decided to defer to Wall World for our purchases. We had ask the staff at the park out getting our AC repaired and they recommended Hank’s on route 69 so we decided to find Hank’s even though it was Sunday so we wouldn’t be trying to find it Monday in traffic. After locating Hank’s we picked up some goodies at a dollar store and went to Cracker Barrel for dinner where we found out that Cracker Barrel has a breakfast menu but does not make omelets even though they have eggs cooked other ways but no omelets.

We later found Petty’s and had a great breakfast with wonderful service and Samantha got her omelet and I got had french toast with sausage, and great coffee.

When we got back to the campsite we walked the dogs again and decided we had enough for one day and called it a night.

Monday we took the truck to Hank’s but they were over loaded with work so we decided to bring it in the following day Tuesday (today). While in town we went on a shopping spree at Wally World and got fishing gear and a blow up Kayak. When we got back to camp we blew up the Kayak and Samantha took it out on the Lake, later we went fishing but got skunked the minnows eat my bait.

Update; Tuesday I took the truck in to have the AC looked at and it seems the controller head on the dash needed to be replaced there goes another $366.00, another camp another repair shop. So far repairs have totaled $1300.00 and who knows what is next? What the heck I just mind the money it really isn’t mine.

Also the inflatable kayak has a defect so we are going to take it back to Wally World and get our money back.

Pet Peeves; people who cut through your campsite, people who walk past at night next to your bedroom talking loud enough to understand their words, campsites located to close to the restrooms. There I got that off my chest 🙂

Life is still good :))