On the road again :)

The moon reflecting on the water as we looked ou the door of our rig camped at Seawall Blvd Galveston TX.

Sun rise on the Gulf of Mexico from our rig.

Our rig, as you can see we are camped on the street beside the seawall.

I am on the road again left Wills Point Texas the day before yesterday and drove to Livingston Texas to the Escapees Park there and stayed over night, picked up our mail said hello to some folks and left the next day for Galveston Texas. I met my sister Samantha in Galveston and we spent the night at a motel that accepted pets. She had already paid for the room so there was no sense in wasting the money. I parked the RV in back of the motel for the night.

The following morning we checked out of the motel and drove the RV up Seawall Blvd. and picked a spot to park next to the walkway beside the water. We have seen several other RVs parked there and Samantha said she had seen them stay there for several days. There are no signs saying you can’t park overnight so that is what we are going to do unless someone tells us we have to leave. We are right on the main road next to the beach so when cars and trucks go by you can feel the coach move. I’m running the generator to run the A/C as it is very hot and humid here. I haven’t run the generator much so it was a bit hard starting, seems to be running okay now … l hope it keeps running smoothly.

We took a ride around the Island and over to another island to see the sights. Hurricane Ike tore this place apart and the devastation was huge, lots of homes were destroyed, or damaged, many businesses were destroyed also. Now there are many new homes and lots of work has been done to bring the area back to what it was before Ike. We have seen lots of fish jumping in the water and Dolphins breaching just of the beach. We had a cool beer at a Tiki bar and eat some good sea food. The sea food here in Texas is fine, the fishing is good as the oil spill hasn’t effected the Texas coast …yet!

Tomorrow the plan is is to head north, hopefully we will be north of Dallas by tomorrow night, if not “oh well” 🙂 We will night camp somewhere and continue our journey north the following day. Oh! We are headed to the South Dakota in case you wanted to know ….


Packing up Revised

Packing up the RV for the trip. Seems to be going on to long; I keep thinking of more stuff to take with me. In the back of my mind I keep thinking some of this stuff is not necessary and will just add weight and take up space. On the other hand I always forget something. Sigh.

I don’t think the designers of RVs ever spent much time in them. The storage spaces are awkward and the wrong size for standard packages. Also, the catches on the doors of cabinets are not very strong and it is possible that they could come open and dump the contents of the cabinet while driving down the road, especially a bumpy one.

There are still some systems I haven’t checked out yet; one is the dump system that’s where you attach a hose to the waste tank pipe and put the hose in a dump station and then open the valves letting the waste water go down into the waste water system. The other system is the city water system were a hose is connected from a water bib to the RV to have city water and pressure without using the on board electrical pump. I’ll have to just have faith that these systems work if not …… we’re in trouble….

Okay back to work packing the RV

This is Monday night and most of the “stuff” is on board now I need to stow the loose stuff for the trip to Livingston TX, where I will spend the night and then go on to Houston to pick up Samantha when she gets off the plane. Hopefully I have packed everything we need and haven’t forgotten anything important. Stopped by the DMV office here in town to get a copy of the registration, but it doesn’t look like a registration just hope I don’t need it. I also stopped by my Cardiologist’s office to get my B/P checked and get a refill on an Rx. Went to the Post Office to change the address to the Escapees Mail Service. It seems that one cannot change one’s address to a unique ZIP code on line, Escapees Mail Service is such a Zip Code, so one has to go to the Post Office to do it. They don’t do anything special because it is a unique Zip they just put in the way the change of address card is filled out.

So tomorrow is the big day I pull out of here and head to Livingston TX.