Deming NM

I am here in Deming NM at the Dream Catcher RV Park. It is summer and the park has only a few rigs with an occasional traveler spending the night. The weather has been hot (DUH) with occasional thunder storms and wind storms. I have to be careful not to leave my awing deployed as the wind and storms are unpredictable.

The local Holiday in is next door to the RV park and they have a nice brunch also they allow members staying at the park to use their pool, that is so nice of them. The park has a nice dog park for the fur kids to play in and they head right for it as soon as they get out of the rig. We visit the dog park three or more times a day to give the fur kids a chance to take care of business and play on the grass.

So far I have done the usual shopping at Wally World and Sam’s club, having brunch at the Holiday Inn and lunch at Denny’s. I also visited Hi-Lo ranch an RV Park that is run by a singles RV Club. Other than an occasional thunder storm things are quiet here in Deming NM.


Sometimes ya gotta go….

It is never easy to leave family the heart wants to stay, but you know when it is time to go.

I left Idaho Falls Wednesday and drove south on I-15 till about exit 261 where I stopped for fuel at a Flying J. I had dinner there; I felt I needed some veggies and ordered the Cobb salad. I was going to stay at the Flying J but the area was crowded with truckers in to small a parking lot and there was no room for RVs. I planned on staying over night on the street next to the truck stop but it didn’t give me the warm fuzzys so I went searching for some where more comfy than that place. I saw a sign for another Flying J so I followed its directions, when I got there the truck stop was closed, however there were lots of truckers there about forty of them spending the night. There was an empty parking area between the closed Flying J and the Motel next door so I pulled in and set up for a night camp. I was kept amused by the coming and going of people pulling in and finding the Flying J closed and the trucks coming and going at all hours. I slept pretty good and was ready to continue the journey in the AM.
It was a long ride to my next camp at the Sleeping Ute Casino in CO. I had stayed there before and knew what to expect. I got to use their laundry and shower walked the fur kids several times and got some good rest. Glad I got the rest I would need it as the next day’s journey was long as I don’t travel fast, just poke along. I finally made it to Dream Catcher RV park in Demming NM just as the sun went down and the lights came on. I met a friend here I have known for a couple of years and we had a quick reunion in the fading light and approaching darkness. We even took the fur kids for their first walk to the dog park in the dark and caught up on what we have both been doing since the last time we saw each other.

So this is Deming NM in the summer about 100 degrees in the shade and one looks for shade and there isn’t enough to go around, let me tell ya. However the park is quiet and the company good,the fur kids like the grassy dog park and the A/C works, so I will be here for a few days checking the area out. There is another RV park here with another organisation that I want to have a look at since I am in the area.