I called my Son’s home last night to ask a question and talked to his wife for about a half an hour. We covered a lot of territory in the conversation. One of the things we covered was my pending visit there this winter. I have given some thought thought to visiting them this winter when I go to the Gypsy Journal meeting in Yuma AZ this March. I visited them last Winter for about five days and had a great time. The plans are to visit with them on my way to the Gypsy gathering and on my way back from the gathering. I am looking forward to spending sometime with them. This is a photo of where i camped while visiting them last year.

Now I have to firm up my reservations with the Gypsy Journal people, I am thinking of arriving early so will be settled in and know the lectures I want to be at and the venders where they are located. I am hoping that the Elks will be there too so I can join this year. I also want to get more information about Coast to Coast Camping Club seems complicated to me as to what to buy into and what it all means and the most important thing what are the costs! I don’t want to get in over my head with these things.

Rained hard here last night I could hear the rain drops pounding on the roof it even disturbed my Lab Shelby for a little bit. Seems that there is one storm after another passing through. So far nothing as serious as the blizzard that hit the northeast this week, thank goodness. When I see people on TV shoveling snow and pushing cars I feel sorry for them and happy for me that I don’t have to do that any more-I don’t think I could do that anymore not with this tricky ticker (heart) of mine. Nope no more snow shoveling and car pushing for me.

I got a email informing me of a retired co-worker of mine had died, seems to me my circle of friends and co-workers is getting smaller as time goes by.

I got a package in the mail yesterday with my new curtains for the windshield in the RV. I’ll try to put them up today. The curtains didn’t come with tie backs, darn it. I’ll just have to figure something out to hold the curtains open while driving.