Tonight’s camp National Forest Nebraska

Today was a good day for travel overcast with occasional light drizle, not enough to cause worry enough to keep things cool. Once off the interstate traffic was light. We followed 81,I-80, NE183, state road 2 past Halsey to the National Forrest. We got skunked by our book on cheap campsites three times today that is how we got to the National Forest. Where I got to use my America the beautiful pass which got me 50% off the fee for camping here (yea ). So for $5.50 I have a lovely campsite in the trees with electric free dump and fresh water in the morning

We are camped at the National Forest Camp Ground Nebraska National Forest near Halsey NE. We got in and set up camp just before a thunder storm arrived with thunder, lighting and hail. Gee nice welcome.

We had a lovely dinner; salmon, peas, and potatoes tasted great. We’ve taken the dogs for their walk and everyone is happily full in the tummy. In the morning we will break camp and head for Wall SD should be there tomorrow afternoon.