Somedays things go as planned and then other days … well they could go better. I have had problems with getting on line off and on for a couple of days sometimes the connection would start and then the signal would get dropped, same with the cell phone. Then again I am lucky it works at all considering I am out in the desert where the cell towers are not numerous. So I didn’t get to call my kids and wish them a happy birthday I hope they understand. I did send them a birthday card the old fashioned way-by snail mail. I hope they got their cards.

I have made preparations to travel to San Felipe Mexico and even that was a hassle as the map and book I ordered was delayed in getting her from Amazon because of a problem with the air carrier. Amazon credited my account for the extra money I gave them for next day air so that was nice of them and I did get the book and map late this afternoon. I thought I might have to wing it on my own driving down to San Felipe. Now I have a map that may or may not be of help in my getting there.

I have had several people tell me that they wish me well and hope I will be alright traveling by myself in Mexico. This has happened so many times now I am beginning to wonder myself about this trip. I have driven before into Mexico and yes there is a risk, there are risks to anything you do and this trip is to a usually benign place, or so I am led to believe. This will be the first time that I am driving an RV into Mexico. My RV isn’t huge but it isn’t small either it is 28′ long. I know other folks have driven bigger rigs down the same road so I should be okay. I just hope that getting through Mexicali the first city across the border isn’t too confusing and I get on highway 5, easily. Sometimes the signage in Mexican towns and cities can be confusing or nonexistent.

It will be a few days before I can write again and tell about my trip so it may take a while to find a Wifi hot spot to update this blog.

I’ll have coffee with the early birds at the morning campfire then fire up the motor and head to Calexico and on to San Felipe Mexico 😀 Wish me luck!