What I would like for my trailer to look like


Right now the trailer is a mess mostly just needs deep cleaning and then there are the repairs to get everything working again some things will have to be replaced do to age.



This is what I would like my  trailer to look like


RV Dreaming (again)

What is it about the RV life that still calls me ? I have a nice house and garden here in San Felipe MX and yet I get the urge to travel. Lately I have been searching the Airstream sites and dreaming of getting an Airstream. Dreaming is about all I can do even used ones  are expensive. Older ones have problems that are unique to the brand so caution has to be used or one pays a small fortune to get them repaired. Still I follow the conversations on the AS sites and dream. Wondering why I would pick this brand ? I suppose the uniqueness of the design and the layout of the interiors pleases me. I have a desire and appreciation for order and logic in my surroundings and Airstream RVs give me that impression.

I am a wanderer, rover or gypsy always looking for the next camp the next house the next thing. I would imagine a mental health professional would have a good time figuring out my motivation to keep moving and starting over. I don’t know if this trait of mine is a good thing or a bad thing. The questions I have about my motivation to be on the move are; am I running away from something or to something, am I chased by demons I can’t face or am I searching for some elusive “something” that I can not define or is it a bit of each of the above like a chinese menu one of column A and two of column B and do I get the egg roll  with that ?

Maybe at my age I shouldn’t worry about such things it just wastes time and time is in short supply. One never knows what might turn up unexpectedly, of course exploring possibilities is a fun activity and costs little.