Update on RV

I have had some issues with my RV. A few months ago I was at the local gas station here in San Felipe waiting for the truck in front of me to pull away from the fuel pump when it rolled back into my RV breaking the passenger side windshield and denting the front of the RV under the windshield. I was very upset and had a rather strong conversation with the owner of the truck. To say the least I was upset.

I had to order a replacement windshield but it was going to be delivered in Phoenix AZ. That is a long drive to Phoenix. I managed to do that when I got back to the states. I also needed a brake job for the RV and got several quotes all were very high. I chose Carl’s RV in Tucson to do the job their estimate was the most reasonable. They looked into getting someone to replace the windshield but those they talked to wouldn’t do the job because of the damage under the windshield. I talked to my mechanic in San Felipe and he was confident that he could find someone to install and repair the damage.

Upon my return to San Felipe I got in touch with my mechanic and true to his word he found a body repairman who came out to my place took one look at the damage and said confidently that he could fix and install the new windshield. My mechanic and I took the RV over to this man’s shop about eleven o’clock in the morning. The next day I drove past the shop and my RV was done! In a few hours maybe four they fixed the dent and installed the windshield and it looks great. They even fixed the bent windshield wiper. How much did this very quick and competent repair cost? About $120.00 ! I love Mexico! I also had my battery cable connectors replaced with new soldered ones to improve connectivity cost $30.00, that is with the mechanic coming to my house picking up the RV and bringing it back to my house! Did I say I love Mexico? 🙂