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English: Wine grapes from the Guadalupe Valley...

English: Wine grapes from the Guadalupe Valley in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Español: Uvas para vino del Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, México. Français : Grappe de raisins de cuve dans la Guadalupe Valley. Municipalité d’Ensenada, Basse-Californie, Mexique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ensenada, Mexico at night

Ensenada, Mexico at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am thinking of downsizing or completely selling off my RV rig. I don’t seem to have the same level of intensity to travel as much. I’m comfortable here in Mexico and have friends and a social life for one of the few times in my life. I would like to see more of Mexico, but even doing that I would prefer a more sedate and comfortable mode of travel. Driving large distances finding a place to park and then doing it again in a few days has lost its appeal. Of course I may change my mind tomorrow, but that is how I feel this evening. I have thought of getting a smaller rig like a camper van to do shorter trips in then I would be able to use the van for non-camping trips too. I haven’t found anything yet to switch to, but who knows what may happen? There is a little bit of serendipity yet to this old lady’s life so stay tuned as they say.

I am planning on visiting the Ensenada area next weekend for the first time. Ensenada is on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja peninsular and both north and south of there are many communities that interest me. The summers are cooler there than in San Felipe and some folks leave here during the summer and rent a place there to be more comfortable. I’m hoping to see for myself what it is like in that area. There is a valley there called the Guadalupe Valley where there are many vineyards and wineries-every year there is a Winery tour that takes several days, sounds interesting.

Life has been good lately and I’m grateful for it.


My tow equipment

97 Geo Tracker 2400lbs

97 Geo Tracker 2400lbs



Showing where the "A" frame attaches to the GEO

Showing where the “A” frame attaches to the GEO

"A" Frame

“A” Frame

"A" frame and hitch ball

“A” frame and hitch ball

This is the system I have it is very basic. First there is a plate attached to the frame of the towed vehicle and a light cable is also wired in so your towed car has brake lights and turn signals. Then there is the tow bar mine is a basic “A” frame this attaches the two vehicles. An “A” frame is none adjustable and is a PIA to attach to the RV with only one person doing the work. I don’t have an auxiliary braking system on mine because my towed vehicle is only 2400 lbs. I should have a brake system it is the safest thing to do. When I stop the RV I have over a ton pushing the RV from the towed car and that’s not a good thing.