Winter in San Felipe

It has been cold for days and it will continue for a few more days making it uncomfortable  for everyone. It is unheard of to have central heating here and the locals use space heaters if they are lucky. I am merely uncomfortable, the locals, suffer.

I am surprised at how cold it feels here, perhaps it is the humidity and of course the wind. Still this far south of San Diego and it is in the forties that is just wrong! I thought it would be more pleasant than this at least during the day; once again I’m wrong.

Today was laundry day and once I was glad of it as the Laundromat was warmer than outside and waiting for my clothes to finnish I was at least temporarily warm so much so I had to take my jacket off.

Hopefully the weather will turn for the better in a few days and I can quit whining 🙂


3 thoughts on “Winter in San Felipe

  1. It sunny this morning here but the wind is blowing strong and it is about 50º feels like 40º. I feel like a prisoner in my house. Went to the dumpster to get rid of some stinky trash and about half way there I wished I hadn’t left the house, it felt so cold. I was warm last night only because I had the electric blanket on and the electric heater on. I kept the bedroom door closed all night and this morning the living area was 46º! With the electric heater and cooking I got the temperature in the living area up to 68º by 9:30. This cold weather is depressing.

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