Sad times

I had to have my last pet put down and it was a miserable situation. She, a twenty year old siamese kitty, was very ill and her quality of life issues were pronounced. I took her to the vet and he tried to give her the shot to end her live but she was too dehydrated to be able to find the vein. He anesthetized her and then he stuck a needle in her heart and administered the medication she was gone in less than a minute. Twenty years of love and companionship gone. At least I got to say good-bye and hold her before she went. SOB 😦

I am heartbroken she was a very loving kitty; quite the pal she slept with me almost every night until she got too sick. She followed me around like a dog wanting to be close to me and often talking her kitty talk. I loved hearing her little bell as she moved about from room to room. Full of curiosity and affection she is missed terribly by this old lady.