my latest rant posted on my other blog

I came across a deal of a house in Tucson and was confident that it was a good investment and was pursuing purchase when I ran a afoul of the bureaucrats in corporate Amerika! First they were upset that I didn’t have a physical address here in the states. I know for a fact foreigners purchase real estate all the time in the U.S. how do they get away with it and I who has served in the military for over 21 years and receive retirement pay for it at the local bank here has to have a physical address? I live in an RV and travel when and where I feel like it using a mail service in South Dakota which is fine with SD. I have all my vehicles insured and registered there and I am a registered voter there of course until Mitt’s gang finds out and then my voter’s card will be torn up ! But that is another story. I finally convinced them that the address in SD was legal. Then the brown stuff hit the fan; I used to have a name I didn’t like and after I retired from the Army I changed my name I haven’t used that name in almost twenty years and yet the little bureaucrats want me to sign a form saying that was my name using my, to them, new name. Well I had enough of this crap and blew my top! I guess I got a little carried away or did I? What the hell business is it of anyone what I was called back in 1983? Why if I have been a very good credit consumer, and I have, should I have to dig up old documents and painful memories of the past?

So I called a halt to the proceedings and I am making plans to return to Mexico and my little house there to enjoy the company of friends and neighbors and let all this aggravation fade in my memory.

In my opinion Amerika has turned into a fascist state where anyone can demand to know anything about your private business or they can deny you services, credit, the right to vote, even own property. Someone is keeping tabs on your purchases and bank transfers even as little as a thousand dollars if it is done multiple times over a short period anything ten thousand dollars or more is recorded and may be investigated. Who will do the investigation? I don’t know! Supposedly the politicians are against big government so who would the investigators be? Bank corporations? The crooks that stole billions and got billions from the government?  All of this invasion of privacy and restrictions is causing me to not trust or like my country anymore and so many people are going along with it like …like sheeple! They say “WELL the government is just trying to protect us”…. really is it the government? Or is it corporations getting control of your private data to mine it for their purposes so they can control you in ways you would have never dreamed of. A few years ago I would have poo-poo’d this as some sort of imaginary conspiracy stuff, but I’ve changed my mindWe are screwed and the rich corporations and the rich guys running them are going to make sure we stay screwed. The little guy and gal working their ass off trying to keep a roof over the heads of their loved ones and food on the table are too tired and stressed out to even imagine the bullshit that is now CORPORATE AMERIKA. JMHO. SCREW the Patriot Act and all the crap that followed it!


2 thoughts on “my latest rant posted on my other blog

  1. Right on Julia.
    I own three properties and I’m the sole living trustee of a fourth, all in CA. I applied for a loan to fix one of the properties. They wanted so much data I said forget it.
    All data is a few clicks away for them, Why should we do their work?

    Sorry for your loss.

    • I think they are trying to trip us up so they get a point with their boss and the rules make the rule nazis happy as a kid with a new toy! I am fed up with the whole process.

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