Report from the GP

I had my follow up with the GP today and he is a fountain of information compared to my cardiologist. He explained my heart stress test; I have about 15% damage and I have a branch blockage and that causes an electrical problem hence some of the medication I take mitigates that issue. My heart efficiency rating is excellent so my symptoms are not with my cardiac problems it is some other bodily system. My lungs have very good capacity and function lots of O2 in my blood so that isn’t the problem. He thinks it might be that I am getting spasms with my esophagus due to acid getting in to that area. Previously at other times I have had serious heart burn, as do many other people. I am on a medication to to help with that issue and we’ll see how that works out.

I am so relieved to know it isn’t a cardiac problem even though it is some other problem at least it isn’t that problem, which scares me so bad and had me so worried.  I feel I have dodged a bullet. Hopefully the medication Zantac will take care of this issue and I can get on with my life.

I have had such a run of bad luck since I left Mexico I was almost scared of seeing he doctor today. First I had the trip from hell coming out of Mexico loosing my brakes just outside of Ensenada and only through the good graces of my neighbor and people we met did that get solved and I got out of Mexico, then I thought I had lost my cat who I have had for 15 years and found that she has a new hiding place where she remained hidden until I got to Tucson. Then my GEO Tracker starter went out, then I had a problem with the battery clamp so it wouldn’t start. Now I have a fuel problem with the GEO now and then it won’t start like it isn’t getting fuel, I wait for 15/20 minutes and it starts and runs sometimes good sometime rough-very frustrating. I needed a new sewer hose for the motorhome because the old one failed and leaked all over, I thought I had a problem with the AC on the motor home, but that was solved after spending a $100 to find out it was fine it was the plug at my camp site that was causing the problem. I bent the steps on my motorhome because I forgot to fold them in before driving. Then I found my dog has cancer and is on her way to doggy heaven- so I was a little worried about these visits to the doctors because nothing seemed to be going my way. Then I get a good report and the sky cleared and all was well ….. for now. Who knows what will happen next.


8 thoughts on “Report from the GP

  1. Good to hear your heart is OK. I have a problematic family history of early heart disease related deaths, so I keep close tabs on this issue.

    • I am glad you do keep tabs on the situation because caught early many issues can be mitigated with less invasive procedures. I just hope this medication does the job and I don’t have those troublesome symptoms anymore.

  2. I am glad to hear your heart is ok. I have been going through the same tests to see why I cough all of the time & they think mine is also from the ongoing heart burn. So welcome to the club. So sorry to hear about all of your problems!! It should be getting better don’t you think?

    • I sure hope so, this list of things that have gone wrong is way to long ! Although I must say this news has been the best news of late. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders ! I wish you well with your tests, please keep me informed as to how you two are doing.

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