Good news, Bad news sort of day

Shelby enjoying the beach in Mexico not so long ago


I took my dog Shelby who is a fifteen year old lab to the vet today expecting the worst. The news isn’t good she has cancer and may only life for a few more months before her quality of life is to bad to go on. In the meantime she is on antibiotics for the infection and pain medication to make her life more comfortable. I feel sad that she is at the end of her life, and now and then a tear flows down my cheek as she has been a wonderful companion; quiet, loving, patient, loyal, and a happy dog enjoying life where ever she has gone. I will miss her when she passes on. At moments like this I feel more like a child than an older adult. I don’t want to lose my pal, my friend, my fur buddy, I want to keep her well and with me forever, of course that can’t be, but parting is not sweet sorrow it hurts.

I got my heart stress test results and the shows no difference from the previous test I took about eighteen months ago. So what ever my symptoms are they aren’t involving the heart so says my cardiologist. So now I go back to the general practitioner and see what he comes up with and what to do about it, or maybe it is all in my head and I am just another old crazy person. As long as I am here to bitch about it I guess I shouldn’t complain to much EH?


8 thoughts on “Good news, Bad news sort of day

  1. Oh dear….poor Shelby. 😦 The saddest thing I have ever heard. I’m so sorry to hear that news. I know so well how much that little (not so little) creature means to you. I can only say that I understand your pain and feel for you.

  2. Sorry to hear of Shelby’s illness. They are very special to us. Make the last part of her life as enjoyable as possible, and when the time comes grant her a peaceful exit.
    I recently read a wonderful book by Jon Katz called “Going Home Finding Peace When Pets Die” that might be helpful.

  3. Julia, So sorry to hear about Shelby, I have a Lab., 10 year old Elsa, she looks just like Shelby. Last Sat. we had to have the mobile vet out to the house, we thought it was the end, Elsa has been fighting arthritus with pain meds for almost 3 years now, we take her for a “walk” in a wagon every night so she can get out and see the neighborhood, like she use to walk, it’s very hard to see what’s coming, I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you both,
    Woofs n Paws…..Barbara
    I took a lock of Elsa hair after this past Sat., will keep it with me. The grandkids made clay a couple of weeks ago and also took Elsa’s paw print, I’M A FREAK LIKE THAT, FOR MY ANIMALS (3 Dogs and a Cat, I’m nuts I know !!!).

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