Update on test results

The update is there is no result. I called the doctor’s office and talked to someone there who said the report on the test had not been forwarded to my doctor. I am still comforted by the thought that if the result of the test was bad it would have had priority handling. At least I hope it would. I was told someone would call me back today ….. they didn’t, soooo maybe tomorrow ?

Tomorrow I am taking my old dog in to the vet she isn’t doing well. She has several ailments a fatty tumor that has an infection and an infection of her right fore leg which looks dreadful. She is fifteen years old and a lovely dog quiet, obedient and loving, she seldom barks and lays about making sure the floor doesn’t move. If I have to have her put down I am going to be crushed.


3 thoughts on “Update on test results

  1. We also have a 15 year old dog – a black lab mix. She has arthritis in her spine, but it’s pretty well controlled with some expensive pills – she is well worth the expense. She’s not active but otherwise is doing quite well.

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