Lot improvement

English: Downtown Tucson Congress Street scene...

English: Downtown Tucson Congress Street scene near Fifth Avenue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night we had a windy night with lightening, but no rain. This morning it is overcast and it has started to sprinkle a little-hopefully this will keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Living in an RV with the AC running all the time is boring and adds to the household electric bill. I will contribute to the bill of course as I am using the power to keep the pets and myself comfortable. Southern Arizona, hot as the pervertible HELL all summer with monsoon rains to make the atmosphere hot and humid. Other states endure the winters with snow and ice here in the desert we endure the heat of summer and un-relenting strong sun. The end of the summer is coming in a few weeks and then it will be reasonable for a while, five or six months, then back to being fried again.

A neighbor had too much pea gravel delivered and couldn’t use it all so he gave it to my family here in Tucson and even helped spread it out, so now my RV sits on a nice patch of pea gravel. It sure makes a difference when walking around the rig much better than walking on stones and hard packed dirt and cleaner too.

I have been looking on line at the MLS listings for houses here in Tucson to see what is available at what price. There are quite a few houses in the lower end of the price range. However, they mostly need a lot of repair or are in less desirable neighborhoods. Now and then a reasonably priced home appears on the list in a nice neighborhood and one wonders what is wrong with it. I am going to look at a few and see if it might be a good investment. Sooner or later the market will improve and buying in at the right price in the right location will pay off.

Of course I didn’t hear anything about my stress test over the weekend, I didn’t expect too. I hope to hear today. If I don’t hear anything today I’ll call and give let them know I am still waiting for the results of the test. I would think if the results were not good they would have contacted me right away-then again one cannot assume anything.


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