Monsoon Rains

Flash flood near tucson az 2

Flash flood near tucson az 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flash flood near tucson az

Flash flood near tucson az (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: American cook, author, and television...

English: American cook, author, and television personality (August 15, 1912 – August 13, 2004). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: King's Bench Walk Illogical although ...

English: King’s Bench Walk Illogical although it is, at any moment I expected Rumpole of the Bailey to come round the corner swinging his umbrella as he headed towards Pomeroy’s Wine Bar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole of the Bailey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Last night monsoon rains battered the Tucson area and the washes were running and the sirens were sounding off warning people of flash floods coming. Here in the southwest flash floods are a hazard every year someone has to be rescued from the fast moving waters. The water moves very fast and the force is astonishing a car or light pick up can be pushed off the roadway in seconds and hurled down a wash and be flooded and or overturned in just seconds. When the rains come some serious caution has to be used when driving in Tucson.

The rains were falling heavy as I drove home in my little car and I kept an eye on the places I knew were prone to flooding. I got lucky and got home just in time and put dinner together for the family; ham steak, three bean salad, pasta salad it got eaten with relish. Tonight the family has a dinner out planned with friends so I am home alone.

Today I went in to town for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Loving Spoonfuls it is a vegan restaurant they don’t use any animal products and they know how to cook well. I had the bean and rice burrito which was to large for me to finnish and I saved room for German chocolate cake which was delicious. I also enjoyed their spiced iced tea which is heavenly. After lunch I went to Bookman’s a big used book store in Tucson. This place has been in business for decades and does a marvelous business in used books, magazines, CDs, DVD, Video tapes, music instruments, video games and other items. They have on occasion musicians playing for the customers and a special kids section. I scored getting a special book written by Julia Child the famous cooking guru; with here 100th anniversary this year her books are a hot item on the web and on the bookshelves of book stores everywhere. Julia Child has been one of my heroins as she was such a good cook had an interesting stent during WWII in the OSS the precursor of the CIA and became a sensation teaching French cooking on a television show originating out of Boston MA my home town, she also was 6’2″ tall and had a weird falsetto voice that was mimicked by many comedians-she became an icon in American life. I also got a set of Rumpole of the Bailey DVDs to entertain myself with in the evening when there is nothing of interest on TV. Rumpole is a series about a lawyer in England and his cases at court called the “Old Bailey” he gets to wear his wig and cloak and the whole English bit as he solves crimes surrounded by eccentric characters like himself and his wife who he refers to as “The Voice That Must Be Obeyed”. I love the English situational comedies and dramas they do them so well. I was surprised when the owner of the business recognized me and asked where I had been as he hadn’t seen me in so long, I didn’t think I was so memorable, so maybe I am ?

Tomorrow morning is my appointment with my cardiologist and I get to give him my list of ailments and see what he makes of it. The past couple of days I’ve been feeling well and almost feel like I’ve nothing to complain about. Of course that could change very quickly as I well know.


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