New Vent Today


I had the old non-working AC removed and a new Maxxair RV Vent installed. It is humming away this evening exchanging the air in the rig as I’m typing away ! It is quieter than the AC and it uses a lot less electricity and might even come in handy while boon-docking. When the night’s are cool it is a shame to run the AC when all you need is some cool air inside the rig to make it more comfortable. I hope this does the trick.

We had some monsoon rains in the area today which kept the temperatures at a reasonable level. I saw some of the washes running also. Some folks are surprised to find out that the washes will run even though the rain has fallen miles away and the intensity of the flow in the washes is amazing. I have, in the past, seen a wall of water a foot high coming down a wash and over a road in front of me in just seconds ! Flooding does occur in the desert and every year cars get caught in the flash floods when they attempt to cross a flowing wash thinking it is only a few inches deep. No worries on my part as I am a nervous Nelly when it comes to taking chances with my home on wheels.

Had a nice dinner with the family they had regular pizza while I had Amy’s no cheese vegetarian pizza, not the same as what I get at Chumpo’s in San Felipe but it will do 🙂



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