The other shoe drops

Looking North Towards the Santa Catalina Mount...

Looking North Towards the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona (Photo credit: Ken Lund)

English: Monsoon clouds blanket the Santa Cata...

English: Monsoon clouds blanket the Santa Catalina Mountains, as viewed from Wilmot Road, Tucson. Photo by Karen Funk Blocher, August 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photograph of a street near downtown Tucson, t...

Photograph of a street near downtown Tucson, taken in 1880. Incorporated in 1877, Tucson is Arizona’s oldest city. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1992 Geo Tracker

1992 Geo Tracker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am encamped at my relatives house just outside of Tucson Az. Hot AS HELL 107 degrees in the shade and my darn AC isn’t working. Well it works for a while and shuts off! Not good for beast or woman inside this box called an RV. So I make an appointment with an RV repair shop and take it over there and in my haste to get this “Hot Box” fixed I neglect to make sure my RV steps are folded and in, so guess what? I hit something on the way to the RV shop and now the steps don’t work. When I got to the RV shop they looked at it an said they could fix it for $200. Ya, I bet they could I think I will wait and have the mechanics in San Felipe fix the steps and pay a heck of lot less. So they checked out my AC and couldn’t find anything wrong with it, everything is fine; cost is $100. Damn! The shop suggested it might be my power source and when I back to my camping spot I checked the plug and found that it couldn’t go all the way in so I had the plug repaired and finally the AC works well and doesn’t shut off. Yea !!!! 🙂

The following morning I want to do my laundry, but I need to get some laundry soap so I the nearest place is Walgreens. I drive over in my GEO Tracker and buy some laundry soap and when I go to start the Tracker it won’t start-it is the same problem I had in San Felipe the starter won’t work. I waited around until two likely men walk by and I ask them to help me by giving me a push start and I am soon toddling down the road. Now I have a real problem if I turn off the Tracker how will I get it started again? So I don’t turn off the tracker I just let it run while I shop.  I drive into town and go to the auto parts store and buy a rebuilt starter and drive back to the house. Rebuilt starter $165. Later I had a family member exchange starters for me and so far things have gone well (fingers crossed). The mechanic shop here wanted $200 to exchange the starters, YIKES!

I have gotten my blood drawn for one of my Doctor’s visits and that will be this Monday hopefully the results will be available when I meet with the doctor or we won’t have much to say to each other. My other appointment with my Cardiologist is on Wednesday and I really need to see him as I am having problems and using my nitro again.

I know a lot of this hasn’t got much to do with RV’n but it is to keep my dear readers aware that RV’n isn’t all fun and games sometimes it is dealing with the mundane and other issues that come up just like everyone else. Things have to be fixed even me on occasion.

We have had some monsoon rains; short rain storms with a little bit of lightening and distant thunder. Just south of us the storms have wrecked havoc and I’m glad to not be part of that mess.

So the adventure continues so stay tuned for more RV follies 🙂


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