Odd day

My fur kids they are pals often snuggle together here Pia is grooming Shelby

Today began okay, with the usual routine of getting up feeding the fur kids and starting coffee. I knew I had to run into town for a couple of errands; visit my mailbox, visit my insurance agent, pay my water bill, buy some cat litter and a few groceries. I headed off to town and did my chores when I got home I found that my kitty was sick she was tossing her cookies and leaving stuff from the other end also. I figure she ate something that didn’t agree with her she settled down later and slept most of the day and didn’t even want her dinner tonight, which may have been a good thing considering her condition.

I didn’t feel to good later either, I really need to see my doctors in Tucson and get checked out this damn getting old stuff is a Royal Pain In The Ass!If it isn’t one thing it’s another. About three days ago I woke up with a painful eye and it was red too. I went to see the local Doc and he wrote two prescriptions both drops. It seems that I had picked up an eye infection. He said if it didn’t improve in three days to return and he would send me to see an Ophthalmologist most likely in Mexicali. Well it is over three days and my eye looks clear again-

English: Plaza de la Amistad (Friendship Plaza...

English: Plaza de la Amistad (Friendship Plaza) Pagoda located at the Mexicali border crossing in Mexicali Baja California Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just have to keep the drops going in for another four days.

So tomorrow I continue packing the RV, filling the gas tank and checking the fluids, cranking the generator to make sure it will start etc. That ought to keep me busy for a a couple of hours. Wednesday I’ll hook up my Geo to the RV and check the lights, if I have problems that gives me a day or two to get it fixed. Then continue packing and securing everything in the RV so I’ll be ready to pull out early on the eleventh. I sure hope everything goes okay with the trip north.


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