Still making plans


Tecate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ensenada, Mexico at night

Ensenada, Mexico at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have gotten some things done for this trip to the old country; MX insurance for the Geo Tracker and U.S. insurance for the same vehicle, then I contracted with a local lady to take care of my garden while I’m gone. I had to go to town and print out copies of the insurance policy to carry in the vehicle just in case something happens.

I talked with a neighbor and she is headed north also so I am going to follow her to the border using a different route. We will cross over to Ensenada using a road that traverses the peninsula and once in Ensenada we will take a route north to Tecate and cross into the U.S. there. This road will be smoother than the usual route I would take to Mexicali and the Mexicali road is under construction and it is using gravel and dirt by-passes that could be damaging to vehicles. Things are so bad one of the tire places from San Felipe has a truck stationed on the construction road to help people with tire problems.

We plan to leave August 11, from San Felipe and hope to cross the same day in Tecate. It will be a long day hopefully all will go well and we won’t have any problems on the way. I am a little concerned about the wait in line with the heat I just hope the air-conditioner works well in the RV, all of us are old girls traveling in the RV and don’t tolerate the heat well.

I want to be in Tucson well before August 15, as that is when I have my first medical appointment, if I get there on the twelfth or thirteenth it would give me time to settle in get some rest and be prepared for my medical tests.

Now I have to decide what to take with me and what to leave here. Always decisions to make no matter what you do or where you go.


3 thoughts on “Still making plans

  1. Have a safe trip, hope it isn’t to hot, it will be 90 here in Seattle, Wa. this weekend, crazy weather everywhere…

  2. Looking at just the miles you should be able to make it by early evening of the 12th.. Take you time and it is a easy drive to arrive late morning, early afternoon of the 13th..

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