Up date on Dr’s visits

free to use images - history of england

free to use images – history of england (Photo credit: shadfan66)

Queen Mary Stuart, ca. 1587, Tudor Dynasty. Be...

Queen Mary Stuart, ca. 1587, Tudor Dynasty. Beautiful and charming, with no judgment. (Photo credit: historicalfiguresfoundation)

Earl of Essex, ca. 1600, Tudor Dynasty. Ambiti...

Earl of Essex, ca. 1600, Tudor Dynasty. Ambitious adventurer and favorite of Elizabeth I. (Photo credit: historicalfiguresfoundation)

Sir William Cecil Lord Burghley, ca. 1587, Tud...

Sir William Cecil Lord Burghley, ca. 1587, Tudor Dynasty. Tireless friend and agent of the Virgin Queen. (Photo credit: historicalfiguresfoundation)

Aneroid sphygmomanometer with stethoscope, use...

Aneroid sphygmomanometer with stethoscope, used for auscultatory blood pressure measurement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK (Photo credit: Morning Calm News)

Old Vine cabernet from Chateau Montelena, Napa...

Old Vine cabernet from Chateau Montelena, Napa Valley, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had my stress test yesterday and it was not as unpleasant as many of the previous chemical stress tests I have taken. It seems there is a new medication to induce stress in the heart that has milder side effects than the previous medications used. I just had some shortness of breath, heaviness in the chest and of course my blood pressure went up, but that is normal although to hear your have 190/85 BP is a bit disconcerting. I am now waiting for the results of the test.

The rest of the day I had an on again off again headache, that was mildly annoying. I felt good enough that I went to Wally-World and got my shingles shot. I have been meaning to get this shot for sometime because I don’t want shingles, ever! I have seen what it does and it isn’t a pretty sight. While at Wally’s I did a bit of shopping then headed back to the rig and stopping at a supermarket that sells a very good selection of health food. The name of the store is Sprouts and it carries a wide range of health supplements, organic foods, green products for the home and a darn good wine selection. You can buy your colon cleanse one isle over from the Cabernet wine that is on sale ๐Ÿ™‚ This store is a real find for those with food allergies as they have alternatives for lots of foods.

Later back at the house I enjoyed watching Tudors on DVD. I happened to find the complete first season disk set on sale and since then I have been hooked. I am a sometime ย Anglophile and like watching historical dramas -Tudors is an excellent one as there are lots of characters, plots and subplots in King Henry VIII court. Many of the characters are known to me from reading about English history. Being dramatised makes it more engaging. It sort of explains how English common law came to be, it just didn’t happen overnight.


The Visit With The Cardiologist


English: Principle of ECG formation, fast Deut...

English: Principle of ECG formation, fast Deutsch: Prinzip der EKG-Darstellung, schnell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Photograph of the Taxus drug-eluting stent, fr...

Photograph of the Taxus drug-eluting stent, from the web site of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Heart diagram with labels in English....

English: Heart diagram with labels in English. Blue components indicate de-oxygenated blood pathways and red components indicate oxygenated blood pathways. http://www.niaaa.nih.gov/Resources/GraphicsGallery/CardiovascularSystem/DiagramofHeart.htm http://www.rbch.nhs.uk/images/dorset_health_centre/heart_diagram.jpg http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/images/heart_interior.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had my visit with the cardiologist yesterday and I do have an old branch blockage which has not changed as far as they can tell. The doctor wants a chemical stress test done and that has been scheduled for August 28 and then they will know whether I need further tests and or treatment. So, I’m still up in the air as to what may be my problem; maybe after the test I’ll know more.


Beautiful sunny day here in Tucson and not much chance of rain today which may let the ground dry out and the washes stop running-then again one never knows during monsoon season storms can pop up very quickly.


The family is getting ready to go on vacation to Hawaii and I’ll be house-sitting while they are gone. I hope nothing dies while they are away that would be awful.


Monsoon Rains

Flash flood near tucson az 2

Flash flood near tucson az 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flash flood near tucson az

Flash flood near tucson az (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: American cook, author, and television...

English: American cook, author, and television personality (August 15, 1912 โ€“ August 13, 2004). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: King's Bench Walk Illogical although ...

English: King’s Bench Walk Illogical although it is, at any moment I expected Rumpole of the Bailey to come round the corner swinging his umbrella as he headed towards Pomeroy’s Wine Bar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole of the Bailey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Last night monsoon rains battered the Tucson area and the washes were running and the sirens were sounding off warning people of flash floods coming. Here in the southwest flash floods are a hazard every year someone has to be rescued from the fast moving waters. The water moves very fast and the force is astonishing a car or light pick up can be pushed off the roadway in seconds and hurled down a wash and be flooded and or overturned in just seconds. When the rains come some serious caution has to be used when driving in Tucson.

The rains were falling heavy as I drove home in my little car and I kept an eye on the places I knew were prone to flooding. I got lucky and got home just in time and put dinner together for the family; ham steak, three bean salad, pasta salad it got eaten with relish. Tonight the family has a dinner out planned with friends so I am home alone.

Today I went in to town for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Loving Spoonfuls it is a vegan restaurant they don’t use any animal products and they know how to cook well. I had the bean and rice burrito which was to large for me to finnish and I saved room for German chocolate cake which was delicious. I also enjoyed their spiced iced tea which is heavenly. After lunch I went to Bookman’s a big used book store in Tucson. This place has been in business for decades and does a marvelous business in used books, magazines, CDs, DVD, Video tapes, music instruments, video games and other items. They have on occasion musicians playing for the customers and a special kids section. I scored getting a special book written by Julia Child the famous cooking guru; with here 100th anniversary this year her books are a hot item on the web and on the bookshelves of book stores everywhere. Julia Child has been one of my heroins as she was such a good cook had an interesting stent during WWII in the OSS the precursor of the CIA and became a sensation teaching French cooking on a television show originating out of Boston MA my home town, she also was 6’2″ tall and had a weird falsetto voice that was mimicked by many comedians-she became an icon in American life. I also got a set of Rumpole of the Bailey DVDs to entertain myself with in the evening when there is nothing of interest on TV. Rumpole is a series about a lawyer in England and his cases at court called the “Old Bailey” he gets to wear his wig and cloak and the whole English bit as he solves crimes surrounded by eccentric characters like himself and his wife who he refers to as “The Voice That Must Be Obeyed”. I love the English situational comedies and dramas they do them so well. I was surprised when the owner of the business recognized me and asked where I had been as he hadn’t seen me in so long, I didn’t think I was so memorable, so maybe I am ?

Tomorrow morning is my appointment with my cardiologist and I get to give him my list of ailments and see what he makes of it. The past couple of days I’ve been feeling well and almost feel like I’ve nothing to complain about. Of course that could change very quickly as I well know.

Test results and Exam

Uric acid

English: HDL
English: HDL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The blood test I took for the General Practitioner were good my cholesterol was lower than he wants, total lipid count 112, HDL 60, so cut back on lipitor again and my uric acidย (gout problems)ย was up so cut back on lasix. Blood pressure was 128/71 that is very good for me. I took a pulmonary test Lung function was excellent which is good news for an x-smoker. Red blood cells are in good health and all the numbers are where they should be. I am happy with the results and glad to know where I stand as far as far as ย the numbers go. I celebrated by having a typical American Breakfast; eggs, sausage, home fries, orange juice, pancakes, and coffee. I won’t be doing that again for a long time.

Next is the cardiologist on the 23d and I will see what he has to say.

I went to an Apple Computer place called Simutek and they replaced a missing key pad on my MAC Book for nothing-no cost! Yea!

After I got home I made meat loaf for the kids I used half ground beef and half pork sausage (spicy) and got raves. It could be they like someone else doing the cooking -hmmmm?

New Vent Today


I had the old non-working AC removed and a new Maxxair RV Vent installed. It is humming away this evening exchanging the air in the rig as I’m typing away ! It is quieter than the AC and it uses a lot less electricity and might even come in handy while boon-docking. When the night’s are cool it is a shame to run the AC when all you need is some cool air inside the rig to make it more comfortable. I hope this does the trick.

We had some monsoon rains in the area today which kept the temperatures at a reasonable level. I saw some of the washes running also. Some folks are surprised to find out that the washes will run even though the rain has fallen miles away and the intensity of the flow in the washes is amazing. I have, in the past, seen a wall of water a foot high coming down a wash and over a road in front of me in just seconds ! Flooding does occur in the desert and every year cars get caught in the flash floods when they attempt to cross a flowing wash thinking it is only a few inches deep. No worries on my part as I am a nervous Nelly when it comes to taking chances with my home on wheels.

Had a nice dinner with the family they had regular pizza while I had Amy’s no cheese vegetarian pizza, not the same as what I get at Chumpo’s in San Felipe but it will do ๐Ÿ™‚


Techie stuff

Screenshot of the current Yahoo! Mail.

Screenshot of the current Yahoo! Mail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Screenshot of Yahoo! Mail Classic

Screenshot of Yahoo! Mail Classic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I love being able to access the web while traveling and email is one of my best ways to contact people. But, Hot Mail is giving me fits they won’t let me in saying someone else may be using my acct. so of course the principle user has to answer lots of questions and wait to see if they approve of the answers. This has happened before so now I have back-up email addresses, Yahoo Mail and GMail, however I don’t have everyone’s email address on my other acct. This adds to the frustration of dealing with technology that you have come to depend on. Not fun. ย OK rant over back to normal or what passes for normal ๐Ÿ™‚

The other shoe drops

Looking North Towards the Santa Catalina Mount...

Looking North Towards the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona (Photo credit: Ken Lund)

English: Monsoon clouds blanket the Santa Cata...

English: Monsoon clouds blanket the Santa Catalina Mountains, as viewed from Wilmot Road, Tucson. Photo by Karen Funk Blocher, August 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photograph of a street near downtown Tucson, t...

Photograph of a street near downtown Tucson, taken in 1880. Incorporated in 1877, Tucson is Arizona’s oldest city. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1992 Geo Tracker

1992 Geo Tracker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am encamped at my relatives house just outside of Tucson Az. Hot AS HELL 107 degrees in the shade and my darn AC isn’t working. Well it works for a while and shuts off! Not good for beast or woman inside this box called an RV. So I make an appointment with an RV repair shop and take it over there and in my haste to get this “Hot Box” fixed I neglect to make sure my RV steps are folded and in, so guess what? I hit something on the way to the RV shop and now the steps don’t work. When I got to the RV shop they looked at it an said they could fix it for $200. Ya, I bet they could I think I will wait and have the mechanics in San Felipe fix the steps and pay a heck of lot less. So they checked out my AC and couldn’t find anything wrong with it, everything is fine; cost is $100. Damn! The shop suggested it might be my power source and when I back to my camping spot I checked the plug and found that it couldn’t go all the way in so I had the plug repaired and finally the AC works well and doesn’t shut off. Yea !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The following morning I want to do my laundry, but I need to get some laundry soap so I the nearest place is Walgreens. I drive over in my GEO Tracker and buy some laundry soap and when I go to start the Tracker it won’t start-it is the same problem I had in San Felipe the starter won’t work. I waited around until two likely men walk by and I ask them to help me by giving me a push start and I am soon toddling down the road. Now I have a real problem if I turn off the Tracker how will I get it started again? So I don’t turn off the tracker I just let it run while I shop. ย I drive into town and go to the auto parts store and buy a rebuilt starter and drive back to the house. Rebuilt starter $165. Later I had a family member exchange starters for me and so far things have gone well (fingers crossed). The mechanic shop here wanted $200 to exchange the starters, YIKES!

I have gotten my blood drawn for one of my Doctor’s visits and that will be this Monday hopefully the results will be available when I meet with the doctor or we won’t have much to say to each other. My other appointment with my Cardiologist is on Wednesday and I really need to see him as I am having problems and using my nitro again.

I know a lot of this hasn’t got much to do with RV’n but it is to keep my dear readers aware that RV’n isn’t all fun and games sometimes it is dealing with the mundane and other issues that come up just like everyone else. Things have to be fixed even me on occasion.

We have had some monsoon rains; short rain storms with a little bit of lightening and distant thunder. Just south of us the storms have wrecked havoc and I’m glad to not be part of that mess.

So the adventure continues so stay tuned for more RV follies ๐Ÿ™‚