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I am updating links to Facebook and linked-in with this blog seems I missed the boat on doing this, my blogs used to be linked to Facebook don’t know why the link got lost. Such is modern interactive apps they change but you don’t catch it.


Still preparing for the trip north today I will be calling about insurance for the tow vehicle to have it added to the policy of the RV. I have liability on the tracker while it is in Mexico but when I cross the border I need to make sure it is covered in the U.S.. I bought it here in Mexico so it wasn’t necessary to insure the vehicle in the U.S. until I cross the border. With three vehicles I have different policies for each one some cover them only in Mexico others cover only in the U.S.. I’ve got documents in every vehicle and the Mexican registered one has its own file I carry because it was imported years ago but it is an American made vehicle and if I am stopped and checked by Mexican Customs I want to have my documentation that the vehicle is legally registered in Mexico, it is insured both countries so when I go shopping in the U.S. I’m covered. Life is full of details, but if you don’t take care of them they can come back and bite you in the Rump-us-Bumpus.

English: A Hanomag-Henschel Orion, a recreatio...


2 thoughts on “Updating Links

  1. No this is an old european rv not to sure what year but most likely forty years old or more cool huh? I would love to see inside of it and see what the layout was and what kind of appliances there are in it. I bet they had some neat ideas. Her is a link to some more photos of the RV being rebuilt somewhere in Germany http://www.suleica-orion-club.de/03_der_club/01_Clubfahrzeuge/01_Berichte/_geschichte0006.htm the story is in german, but the photos show what they are doing seems there is a club for these things in germany so they must have been popular at one time although for all the years I was there I never saw one.

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