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I am updating links to Facebook and linked-in with this blog seems I missed the boat on doing this, my blogs used to be linked to Facebook don’t know why the link got lost. Such is modern interactive apps they change but you don’t catch it.


Still preparing for the trip north today I will be calling about insurance for the tow vehicle to have it added to the policy of the RV. I have liability on the tracker while it is in Mexico but when I cross the border I need to make sure it is covered in the U.S.. I bought it here in Mexico so it wasn’t necessary to insure the vehicle in the U.S. until I cross the border. With three vehicles I have different policies for each one some cover them only in Mexico others cover only in the U.S.. I’ve got documents in every vehicle and the Mexican registered one has its own file I carry because it was imported years ago but it is an American made vehicle and if I am stopped and checked by Mexican Customs I want to have my documentation that the vehicle is legally registered in Mexico, it is insured both countries so when I go shopping in the U.S. I’m covered. Life is full of details, but if you don’t take care of them they can come back and bite you in the Rump-us-Bumpus.

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Getting ready to go north

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle o...

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle on tract of land he later developed into Layton’s Cottage, Trailer, and Fishing Park: Riviera Beach, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

I am preparing to take the RV and Tracker north. I need to get a check-up with my doctors it has been almost a year and I am feeling fatigued; it could be my medication, diet, heart health or combination, then again it could be something else entirely. But it is time to find out the cause.

I have been getting the RV ready I had the cooling system flushed and a leak from the transmission looked after. I also had the connection for the tow vehicle installed and the tow vehicle had to be rewired to match the RV so the turn signals worked correctly. I have also gotten some experience hitching up my tow vehicle. Another thing that gives me concern is that I cannot see the tow vehicle when we are driving straight unless it casts a shadow on the road and that needs the sun in the right spot to see a shadow. Next is to re-load the RV with my stuff and some supplies to last a few days then contract with a gardener to take care of my plants and trees then hit the road north.

The one more concern is the road north to Mexicali and the border is under construction and a large portion is a gravel by-pass road that can be rough in spots. I worry  about my tires on the makeshift road. Also this is monsoon season and a rain storm can turn the makeshift road to a mud torture test in an instant. I will make my decision to use the highway with the by-pass road or take the cross peninsular road to Ensenada and then to the Tecate border crossing. From what I hear the Tecate crossing can be a long wait at times-up to five hours. Not a pleasant thought on a hot day!

Mothership and the shuttle vehicle ready for the trip to the border

I already have my appointments made at the two doctors offices so I feel committed to the plan now. Organization is the key word what to take, what to leave and a shopping list. There are some things I want to bring back for the house when I return.

Pete’s Camp

I have been in Mexico since Thanksgiving (US), I have bought a lot at Pete’s Camp San Felipe MX had an RV pad built then had a house built. Many RV’rs over the years have fallen for the charms of this place and built homes here. Most do not spend all year here, they usually spend the winter and leave for the summer- summer is usually extreemly hot and humid. This year we are better off then the folks in the eastern part of the U.S., how weird is that?