I’m getting an education

I am getting an education on the ins and outs of real estate here in San Felipe Baja MX. I spent the greater part of the day looking at a few houses and asking questions of a resident that has lived here for over ten years. First we looked at some places in town, the first house was a modular in a typical town neighborhood. It had some nice features but I wouldn’t be able to get my RV into the side yard and would have to store it somewhere. Then we looked at two houses in a neighborhood called Los Arcos. This neighborhood is more working class with a few nice homes. I was disappointed at the first home as the photos on line made it look rather nice, but, as with a lot of things, reality is not the same as the photos. The next house in this neighborhood looked like someone was living there and there was no for sale sign so something has happened with this house and we passed it by.

Then we took a trip out of town and headed north and stopped at two campos this what they are called here. They are areas that have been developed and lease the land to people  who build houses on the lots and pay for a lease and or home owners associations. That dreaded word HOA sends shivers down my spine. I got to meet several residents and they seem to be a friendly lot and willing to share information about their feelings on living at the campos. One of the houses at Pete’s Camp looked like a typical seaside cottage sort of house and looked in excellent shape from the outside no one was home to give us a look the inside so we may go back there another day to have a look at the inside.

We looked at the outside of some other homes, but I felt they were out of the price range I was looking for so we continued on. The next stop was at the Eldorado Ranch and specifically the Los Vajeros South to look over an RV site. This site had a huge garage and a big RV port with an RV in it that was close to forty feet long with slide outs. This was nice but out of my price point.

We then took a tour of the Solar Sites, where people had bought land and built homes and RV ramadas to varying degrees. Some homes were quite elaborate and others rather humble affairs. I was intrigued by living on solar power because that is what I do in my RV when I am boon docking (camping without hookups). I like doing that because I feel independent and self sufficient.

I spied a baja bug for sale a baja bug is an old volkswagen beetle modified to run around the desert and once this was the thing to do with old VW beetles. We stopped there to find out more about the car and met a man who lived in the house who gave us a tour of his solar facility and it was very nice. He had a generator that ran on propane for backup when he needed more power than his batteries could supply and he had ten years of experience living on solar; so he was a wealth of information about living in the solar housing area and solar power. After we talked for a while I found out he and I had exchanged emails through a site about living in San Felipe ! Small world especially here in San Felipe.

We stopped at a Deli and had coffee on our trip and it was stocked with a lot of Gringo delights so I got to buy some english muffins and 12 grain bread. If I get to go back there again I will buy a few more goodies.

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One thought on “I’m getting an education

  1. Oh how exciting! I love looking at houses – and to be looking at beach houses in Mexico is beyond my wildest dreams! Keep posting photos. The solar set up sounds especially intriguing. I also liked the cottage at Club de Pesca right across the beach. You are having soooo much fun! I love to read about it!

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