The days float by here in San Felipe

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Just one nice day after another; some are more windy than others and some less warm than others now and then a few clouds and then the sun returns. It is very peaceful here as most of the village is over the hill from our camp and it a good walk to get there. Every morning and most evenings Shelby and I go for a long walk on the beach doing a little beach combing. Shelby gets to roll around on the sand and wade in the water and watch the sea birds. By the wagging of her tail she seems to enjoy the walks. When she gets back to the rig she lays down for a good nap 🙂

My new hobby is collecting beach glass, which is bits of glass that have been tumbled in the sand by the waves and polished. The only colors I have found her are clear, light green, bright green, brown and least is bright blue. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with this glass.

Almost every other day I walk into town mostly to get out of the RV camp and see something else occasionally to buy something at the store for dinner or lunch. I have gotten a taste for Clamato juice for some reason so that is my latest new flavor.

One day when I went into town the local Lions Club was having a fund-raiser where folks took turns in a fake jail cell with prison costumes on asking for money to bail them out. The money goes for making christmas better for poor kids; I helped bail out a prisoner.

I have submitted an application for my FM-3 here in San Felipe this is so I can, if I want to enter into a contract for a place here or open a bank account if I feel the need. Also I won’t have to leave after 180 days and get another tourist visa which could be annoying if it happened at the wrong time. I am going to look at what is for sale here in S.F. . I will proceed with caution though as the real estate business here is very unusual and I am very cautious in spending my money.



7 thoughts on “The days float by here in San Felipe

  1. I have seen some beautiful wind chimes made from sea glass & sea shells, tied into a nice piece of driftwood! The glass was sort of wire wrapped and even saw one that was wrapped with colorful embroidry thread. Since you can’t easily drill holes in the glass, wire or thread wrapping is the alternative so you can hang it from the driftwood!

  2. Kay, It’s so neat to read about your travels. If you haven’t already, join Pinterest. I bet you can find some neat ideas on how to display the sea glass.

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