What is going on

I have had a hard time getting on to the internet and staying on the internet. For some reason the wifi here has problems. I think it is just over loaded. With the wifi problem I haven’t been able to update this blog.

First things first my email got hacked and a whole bunch of bogus emails got sent out to anyone on my contacts list and I am sure that it has annoyed some folks or made them wonder about me. To be sure I haven’t been mugged didn’t lose my passport and don’t need money. Well if you feel generous I’ll give you a real address to send some contribution to. Most of my friends and relatives know I am in Mexico and not in the UK on vacation and I hope they know better than to send any money to anyone. I one read some of the emails it just doesn’t match me at all.

However this has caused a problem with my email service MSN Hotmail and I was blocked out twice. Hopefully I am back on line with them again and can receive and send email. This has been a royal pain in the ass and it worried me too. If they got into my email what else did they do? So I am on pins and needles worrying about what other accounts they may have compromised. I have gone through and changed my passwords in my other accounts and hopefully that will stop any unwanted activity, then again who knows?

It has been cold here in the Baja. We are lucky to get to 65f here during the day and we have gotten down to 52f at night, which for me is to darn cold. I know other folks are getting cold and windy weather also so I guess I should quit my bitch’n eh?

With the cold weather I haven’t spent much time outside just a couple of walks a day on the beach shivering as the cold wind blows in from the north and whips the sand about, but Shelby my dog needs to go for a walk and I get bored being inside the rig so much. Hopefully this weather will blow out of here and we can enjoy some warmer weather. I am glad I have my winter jacket, gloves and hat with me to keep warm while outside and I sure enjoy the heater too. The electric blanket is getting a workout also.

maybe if the wifi works good tomorrow I can post some photos.


5 thoughts on “What is going on

  1. Cold? Blah blah blah…hahaha! It was 21 here today so sshhhhhhhhh!!!!! Hanging xmas lights outside freezing to death. I’m no feeling too sorry for you…just sayin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Don’t panic regarding your hacked email account. You should be able to go into your email account and change your password. It might be a good time to change other passwords that you might have for other accounts. I’ve had this happen to me and it didn’t turn out to be the disaster that I was afraid of. Hang in there!

  3. The wifi is here again gone again so maybe later for another post. Still windy and chilly today but sunny! I am off to town to see an immigrations expediter more on that later.

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