Found a new way to town

I was told by a fellow camper about a better and shorter way to town. I followed her advice and it is shorter and one arrives right on the front beach. What she didn’t say was that one walks through what looks to be a deserted business and over a bridge that has a patch over a hole in the floor that was only an old piece of flimsy plywood. I figure what the hey it adds to the adventure 😀 I Walked over to a small grocery store and bought a cabbage, 2 tomatoes, 2 bananas, 1 onion. I stopped by a corner bar and had a beer. I don’t usually like bars, this one had tables outside and I sat there and admired the flow of people and traffic.

Nearby the bar was a pharmacy and I went in and asked them about some of my medications and they had one, so at least one of my medications is available here. I’ll check to see if they have the other ones too. What is odd is that the medication here costs me the same as my copay in the states. In California the total for the medication before insurance is over $180 for a months supply; here a months supply would cost less than $75.00. Makes one wonder.

I shopped in few other stores but didn’t buy anything although I saw a stained glass window that I liked for my RV door. I have to measure my door window and compare the measurements with the one in the store.


2 thoughts on “Found a new way to town

  1. I just love exploring new places and through your blog I get to do just that. I felt as though I were taking the new route to town thanks to your photos. How exciting! Baja MX is on my list of places to see!

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