What did I do all day???

Nut’n much; I walked with my dog on the beach and talked with a camper about how nice the day looked, made veggie french toast, hung my hammock, walked the dog again, fooled around on the ‘puter, made lunch (bean and rice burrito) cleaned up the kitchen, took a siesta, talked to the neighbors, bought some limes from a vendor, took photos of the camp and me in a hammock, hung some decorations, daydreamed a lot, listened to some very good Mexican music from my neighbors stereo, and in general goofed off.

This evening I’ll watch the boats go past the beach for a while, read a bit, have a beer or two, make dinner (darn got to decide what!) turn on the christmas lights and admire them, listen to some music, take another walk on the beach before dark and have my Kahlu’a and coffee upstairs and admire the stars.

After such an active day I’ll finally tuck myself into bed listening to the waves on the beach petting my kitty. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it 😀

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6 thoughts on “What did I do all day???

    • Thank you for your kind words ! Sometimes I see myself and say OMG who the H’ll is that ? Getting in and out of hammock is sometimes a tricky business thankfully this time I did it safely ehehe .

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