Some photos of San Felipe

Another day in San Felipe, this is a small port town that has gotten touristy and makes a living off of foreign visitors and people who have bought homes here as retirement homes. There are restaurants, bars, clothing shops and beer stores for sure, also lots of construction businesses too. Only two banks though and today I had to go to one to pay for my visa. No problem a piece of cake.  I also took some money out of the ATM to be sure my card worked-well it worked today will it work next week ? Who knows?

I had lunch at a restaurant across from the main beach and it was a leisurely affair, there is no rush here business goes at a slower pace. Lunch was rice and beans with chili rellanos and a large coke; with tip it cost less than $5.00. On the way back to the rig I bought a six pack of beer and the deposit on the bottles was over $2.00 maybe that’s why there are few bottles laying around.

Still quiet here no gun fights, kidnappings, or dead bodies in the streets and most folks here have a smile on their face unless they are an old fart gringo and then they look like their constipated 😀

The weather has been kind of cool to me but the Canadians around here are dressed like their in Vegas on a hot day …. go figure 🙂


4 thoughts on “Some photos of San Felipe

  1. You are brave girlie! It would take a lot to get me to want to vacation in Mexico even with my husband, let alone solo! Have to admit, you make it sound real good!

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