What’s happening at the Slabs

Friday night we had live music performed by two of our members as we sat around the campfire and shared stories and adult refreshments. The musicians played songs from as far back as the fifties and up into the seventies to much applause and appreciation, with the military helicopters swooping around the Slabs from time to time it took my mind back to Vietnam of the sixties and for a moment I felt sad. I quickly got over that feeling; you can’t live to much in the past, life is to short for that sort of thing.

The following day being saturday we had breakfast here at camp. The breakfast was eggs in a bag where you put eggs in a zip-lock bag with what ever else you want to go with them (ham,cheese,sausage, peppers) and mash it all together and drop the bag into boiling water to cook. We served ours with home fries that I helped cook. I didn’t have any eggs just home fries. Other people said the eggs were good.

Saturday night I played the card game 31 with a group of people and we had a good time socializing and playing cards. The wind was blowing in gusts as we played in the card room. I thought it might be a bit shaky back at the rig, it turned out to be not so bad a little chilly got down into the low fifties so I got up and put my Wave 6 heater on and it got nice and cozy in my rig and we (pets and me) slept well it was 65 in the bedroom in the morning and 70 in the living area when I got up. A few folks went out for breakfast to a local restaurant, I chose to stay at my rig and made a tufu scramble that was good. Tufu broken up in a skillet and sautéed with red and green bell peppers, vegan sausage and spices. Simple, and tasty, no fat.


2 thoughts on “What’s happening at the Slabs

  1. Your tofu breakfast sounds good. I will have to give it a try. I also like the idea of the egg in a bag, I had heard of it before but forgot all about it until I read your post.
    Sounds like your enjoying the Low’s Slabs.

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