Chore day in the LOW Camp

Today was chore day in the LOW camp here at the Slabs. The various buildings got a good cleaning and some improvements and repairs were made. all the chairs were given a good cleaning and the area was given a good trash pick-up; all the plastic bags and other trash was pulled out of the bushes and segregated into the various receptacles for recycling. I was the one that went around pulling trash out of bushes and I filled up four trash bags of trash! The wind here sends trash flying and light things like plastic trash bags can travel great distances until caught by a creosote bush, which is our most common bush here at the Slabs.

I also got a lot of beer/soda cans and some bottles lots of paper too. Now the place looks neat and cleaner. The LOW’s camp always looks good as most of the campers here are very cautious of keeping the place clean to enhance our living conditions, sort of a community pride thing.

Then after chore time was over I retired to my “Home On Wheels” and had a delightful lunch. I used my blender to make a green smoothy. My green smoothie is made with a banana, an apple and about a cup and a half of spinach with about a cup of water or juice. This way I get lots of greens into me it tastes good and I feel great when I have one. I also made a Pita Pocket sandwich today’s was made with hummus and tomato, because I had the green smoothy I didn’t stuff in spinach. Then I enjoyed a nice nap.

Later in the afternoon I attended the “Happy Hour” which is our daily meeting where we learn what is going on that we can partake of or not depending on our own desires. Wednesday is chili day today was Taco tuesday at the American Legion in a town about twenty miles away; quite a few went there for tacos and drinks. Later I went to a campfire with some of the folks for conversation and socialization.

I have something to do every day starting with the morning coffee by the campfire and I have lots of time to do my own thing too. Nice place so far.


2 thoughts on “Chore day in the LOW Camp

  1. I am so enjoying your blog, kayjulia. I don’t have an RV yet, hopefully one in the future for me. I have been quite curious about the Slabs – I love the photos and hearing about the community there! Thanks for your posts!
    — Jool

  2. You’re welcome I am posting to a blog to keep the memories fresh in my mind so one day when I’m in the home for “Old RV’rs” I can read them again and enjoy my past travels. I also post to keep friends and family aware of my travels and adventures.

    This is a great life, as far as I am concerned, I have met some wonderful people visited great places and had lots of laughs and adventures. I wouldn’t trade my life style now for any condo or senior living arrangement there is-as this is life on the fly a great adventure that I look forward to everyday.

    I hope you get your RV and join this motley crew of happy adventurers and sit by the fire with us and “chew the rag” “shoot the bull” and have a few laughs you will be welcomed warmly 🙂

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