Solar update

I have had solar power for a week now and it is working very well in my estimation. The weather lately hasn’t been perfect for solar, but my system has reached fully charged by noon everyday. I haven’t used much electricity either just lights, fridge, pump, recharged the laptop, and hand vacuum which is all light stuff. Tomorrow I will us my blender and see how that goes. One of these days I am going to use the television to run a DVD and see how much power that uses.

I don’t think I will use to much even running the TV for a short period of time. We shall see, I will keep you posted.

I spent sunday doing laundry, grocery shopping and dumping tanks it is amazing how much of the day such household items take up. Now we have clean clothes and a full larder so we will smell clean and feed ourselves well for a week or so (maybe more).

The weather was actually warm here today not hot but warm enough not to need a sweater and shoes seemed a little to much more flip flop or sandal type weather. There is a man here who makes T shirts with the Slab theme I’m thinking of getting one to remember my stay here.

The internet with Verizon has been working well for the last couple of day (Yea) so we are caught up on our email.


3 thoughts on “Solar update

  1. Jack,
    I was impressed at how orderly and neat their work was, it looks very professional. Leaves me confident that it will work well for a long time. I recommend them to all I know.

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