The slabs or Slab City

It was a long ride from the Flying J on the I-10 Eloy AZ north of Tucson to Slab City CA. I did take it easy though and made several stops to give Shelby my dog a break and to stretch my legs and do a walk around inspection of the rig. I was smart enough to fill up with fuel on the Arizona side of the border with California because when I got to the other side of the border fuel prices went up forty-five cents-it kind of took my breath away seeing those prices on the gasoline station signs.

After crossing the Arizona/California border we went through the dunes and saw the remains of an 18 wheeler accident, the truck went off the road and turned over on a steep embankment. I didn’t see an ambulance but they could have left already. I tried to figure in my head how they would get that big truck out of there and it still puzzles me. I bet they do get it back on the road but it’s going to cost somebody a lot of money.

After the dunes we traveled through the Imperial valley where a lot of produce is grown, the area is mostly flat as a billiard table. I stopped in Brawley at the Walmart and got dog food, water and some produce and was shocked at the prices of produce in the biggest produce growing area in the country! The prices are cheaper in Arizona!

After shopping it was only 18 miles to Niland CA, and few more miles to Slab City. Once on the road to the Slabs I was caught by surprise at two close together big bumps in the road and thought for sure I was going to break something on the RV, but it seems everything is okay after that flying lesson.

I surprised myself by finding the LOW’s encampment and met one gentleman I already knew and another for the first time. The Low’s camp runs a tight ship very clean orderly and they have rules and it shows. Other encampments don’t look as nice some are dumps other unkempt most are fine as they seem to keep their area picked up. As usual it only takes a few to run the neighborhood down.

I was invited over to watch a movie at George’s rig, I’ve met and talked with him at several camps, he has a very nice rig with a big screen TV and lots of solar power to run anything he wants. He reminds me of a college professor and he has a New England accent. We watched Ben Hur in Blue Ray and it was quite amusing to be sitting in the middle of the desert watching a movie in the latest format and not a power cord for miles around.

After the movie I walked home about fifty feet, and took Shelby for a walk. I watched the stars and moon while my dog peed on a bush or two and marveled at the lights far off in the distance of the local towns and the twinkling of the tower lights. Here and there you could see the lights of RVs as folks took care of business in their little houses on wheels.

Next door to us are the “Traveling Pals” another organisation of RV’rs they don’t have to be single to belong to their group and they are not as large as the LOWs. One person says they are a breakaway group from LOWs and another says they are not. I don’t care.

This being sunday a group of LOWs went to the American Legion for Breakfast early as it started at 8am. I have no idea where the American Legion is located around here. Today started out sunny and in the low fifties and has since clouded up and remained in the fifties with a slight breeze from the west. Last night was quiet hardly a sound only a coyote call now and then the sky was clear and the stars and moon were brilliant. I may get out my star gazing book and see if I can identify some of the stars if the clouds go away tonight.

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3 thoughts on “The slabs or Slab City

  1. I just finished catching up on a few posts.
    I don’t think its wrong to post about losing loved ones whether family or friends. It shows they respected and will be remembered. Just because they have passed doesn’t mean they never lived.
    I’m happy your Drs visit went well.
    I am havig generator problems to and will need to take it in also have a leaky toilet that I brought into a shop 3 times and they never looked at it. I will try Sandy’s RV this time or maybe I should try that new place Lazy- days. I heard good things about them.
    I hope you enjoy the Slabs one or the other.

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