Dr’s visit

Looks like I am doing well considering my age and health, I’ve lost 5 more pounds since the last visit and by blood pressure was 120/7. I have gotten new prescriptions for my medications sent to the pharmacy and in general I feel good.

I checked with the pharmacy to make sure that they had the prescription-things do get misdirected now and then so I just wanted to be sure every thing was where it was supposed to be. One prescription I forgot to tell the doctor about so I called the office and left a message, I’ll check the pharmacy later to be sure it is there.

I started my trip to the slabs and got only to Eloy AZ on the I-10 as the wind was getting annoying and the dust was getting thicker. I figured that there was no sense putting myself in danger so I pulled into the flying J for the night. One thing I don’t like is sometimes the area around where trucks park stinks because trucker pee on the tires at night instead of walking into the building and using the toilet. Seeing as there is very little rain to wash the urine away it sits there and stinks.

Oddly enough even with all the wind it is still in the 80’s and hot and stuffy in the rig. I have taken Shelby my Lab for one walk and will walk her again just before sundown. Then secure the rig for a night’s rest. Tomorrow on to Yuma AZ and then on to the Slabs.


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